unwinding duality

If it feels like fear and is similar to exciting

Adrenaline rushes in and turns
electric into lightning

the stages of the journey appear so bright and inviting

into the levels of trust and the process of unwinding

Lay me on the river
take me down and let me go
sing a song that fills your heart
with love in locust grove

I hear the crickets chirping
I hear the birds will sing
I hear the bells are ringing
in heavens lovely spring

I see you in the morning
I see you in the rain
I see you in the sunshine
I love you through the pain

And when you feel the thorns are piercing at your brain
and the world is wrong and filled with hurt and filth and shit and pain
Remind me to remember that what we told ourselves
that we would make it through this journey back to heaven through this hell

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Never’s mind primitive simplicity

I hear you in the silence

with your own cause without a care

focused with a purpose

to prove the guilt is real

but what you throw back at me

is what you did yourself

projection has a meaning

it’s called  your mental health

what you do unto me

you do unto yourself

we change the role of prisoner and jailer

here inside guilt’s’ hell

let go of what you made me

and I’ll release myself

there is no one here that’s left to blame 

we did it to ourselves

and when you see I love you just the same as you love me

we’ll stop the stupid sorries and just in time will let it be

the choices that we chose at that instant there in time

was exactly what was wrote to be 

inside times’ silly rhyme 

forgive yourself for thinking that anyone’s to blame ‘it’s just a fucked story we made up in our brains

happiness is something that just shows up in time

when we all decide to let it go and remember it was never’s mind 

Resurrection is a memory that what you saw was false

we never are a victim we are effect and not the cause 

The purpose of the world , my friend, is to hide that you made up your own part 

Robby Simpson







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Heaven’s Call

I have been the biggest fool of all

try to construct a dream for futures’ call

a snake that eats its’ own tail

designed “what’s next?” as a distraction but would surely fail

the belief there is any thing here to possess-the world was made to affirm the dream of death

stop pretending there is anything here that don’t end in dust and destruction-but is it all in jest?

I just got to get this off my chest

we suppress it all -then one day you just stop to rest

only music and forgiveness can remember freedom then fills your mind

its’ just something that we all will see in time

I love you All and forgive this dualistic dream

expose the lie and give up the value I placed in things

nothing lays standing at the end of time

we are all children of presences’ lovely rhyme

I want nothing but to let the hurt go

I’m not trying to convince or change anyone or anything I just want to know

I looked inside and found my peace of mind by realizing the external was all just lies

 a projection of the egos broken mind

I don’t value differences, definitions, preferences or opinions that you call “mine”

I don’t blame you so don’t blame me -we made it up -all for one and one for all until I cried

I have been the biggest fool of all 

but I, just like you,will finally hear the song named “Heaven’s Call”

there is beauty here inside this dream when you relinquish the value you place in things

like whose wrong or who is right I’d rather have some peace-rather to be happy than complain about the heat and who wins a stupid fight

(The miracle establishes you dream a dream and the content is not true

now you know what happened between me and you)

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I want to see

I could never make you happy
not with words or deeds could do
to change the world I made myself
and picked it all for you
A reversal of projection
when I finally stopped to see
that no thing or no one could change my life
until I finally looked at me
The journey we all take inward
is just something that comes in time
when we finally just get tired
of the ego’s bullshit rhyme
I am more than just my body
I am more than just my stuff
I am wind and rain
and joy and pain
a creation turned to dust
I look at the world and watch it crumble
look up at the sky and start to wonder
what kind of god could of made this place
with death and disease -let’s just look and face it
if everyone dies and then disappears
is there a chance that it’s all not real?
If there is something that is called forever
I bet it doesn’t change like the wind and the weather
and two year olds don’t die of cancer
let go of your shoes and becomes the dancer
that sings in the rain and becomes what’s true
that you are me and I am you
we wake up from the land of make believe
pull back the curtains and start to see
that tomorrow really doesn’t stand in time
it’s just a decision you choose in your mind

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Pause if you will for a second 

remember that all you see is the past

and the kingdom you made and the endless forays

of the world’s fleeting and valueless crap

the ego will possess for a minute

and then as soon as it came it is gone

and all that you loved and all that strived for

one day you realize that you were just wrong

nothing or no one can save me

from what I created myself

a 3d movie of a make believe god that left us here with a cruel and meaningless fate

the fear that once used to drive me


is the fear that eventually will make you just say
I have given everything I see all its meaning it’s got and I am the one that can take it away
I was never upset for the reasons I thought
just the truth-that love can not be thrown away

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Emerge and unfold into time

just images inside of our minds

from there we move on and sing the rest of our song that

with or without belief you will find

forgiveness is the reason we met

I learned you give what you get

you get what you give

we get thrown in a siv and love is all that is left

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Gravity’s Sad

The world that I live in does not feel like my home
it changes from second to second and from flesh then to bone
the central dream seems to have done all but maintain
the illusion we live while here in the brain
somewhere in the exile I call alone
I know in my heart that this ain’t my home
Time hardly remembers so I won’t try to explain
the reasons we live seperated and in pain
and tolereance is high here for polarities reign
no need to wonder why the kids are insane

I looked at gravity and asked why are you sad?
I’m an alien here and I do miss my Dad
consider this now before memories speak

and fall into a slumber and back into sleep

gravity’s sad because his Mom went away and said she’d return but then never explained

the place that we go to there can never be sad

you won’t miss your father or mother and there is nothing that’s bad

so try to remember before sight goes away-this is just a story you made up in your brain

and the exile you feel was really a gift-you can give it away now because it never exists

its’ there as a memory to remind you of home

because nobody here is really ever alone

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My Prayer for Everyone and Everything

to those who seek you now can follow
the beat of your own distant drum
the melody will bring you home
the rhythm will make you wiser
to those who believe it will be so
the world will unfold it’s kindness
there is no god of retribution
there is no god of the chosen few
see in the end
love is all that matters and it is here
inside of you
plant your love and it will grow
plant hope and that is what u will sow
and until when we meet again
you will remember what we know
the song has never left your soul

Loosen your shackles
they lives in a dream
and all of the fishes are one with a beautiful wonderful sea

pull back from your senses
for a moment to see
we live the illusion of Adam’s the lost child’s dream

never awoke
from the mistake of a child
he lives seperated but not away from Love’s Father

but he thought he left home
and to do this you see
he had an illusion that he had broke free

remember the story of Adam and Eve

they ate from an apple and saw everything

then thrown into a dream of right and wrong so we could see what is effect and what is cause

you see the struggle
we create and decide
was made up by dualities
harsh and miraculous ride

good and evil
birth and death
are just like a circle
impermanence can’t rest

and inside the world
that is scarcities ride
we look at each other
and try to decide

which one was wrong
and which one was right
we live at the table
that was dressed for a fight

but what if I told you of a love that’s so bold

that nothing or no one could break from its’ hold

could hurt it destroy it or make it go crazed

no matter how hard it won’t go away

and what if I told you
that all the world is a stage and in the son’s last act
he believes that his capricious/whimsical Father
is going to come back

and sin and atonement
and punishments wrath
played out like it is a ride
on a child’s dream of a carnival track

and when you return
to where you were start
to the place I believe
where perfect love art

that All of the Prisoners are going to be free

and that is my prayer to everyone and everything


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Love is all I remember

when you summon the courage to ask
after time and hell kicks your ass
when puberty’s over and it’s time to get sober
don’t forget that this world holds you last

in time the whole thing sets you free
from the dawn to the dusk to the sea
and inside of this place holds a child that prayed
so that you and I one day would see

that LOVE is all we were meant to remember

our names and our faces will change like the weather
but tomorrow will come as as sure as the sun-
nothing can stop us from the world that
will come.
 robby simpson
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This world we call time

I had some tears today

over a past that I thought had gone away

and it seemed to reappear 

in a dream that was filled with fear

I had come to that fork in the road

where either you continue or just let it go

I had given up on all things in this world of dust

of make believe, impermanence and lust

there is a god-sized hole in my soul  

my only purpose is to let you all know

I was as kind as I could be at the time
I try to remember that love is not something you need to seek or try to find

it is just something that memory speaks when its’ time to make your own peace

and a tear drop fell from my eye I dreamed you held me outside this world we call time

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what can I do

I wanted to call you but what can I do

The voice in my head that wish could be true

I called to a rainbow and fell in the sea

The echo of love that calls you to me

Somewhere on a mountain in a place far away

I know we will meet and return to that day

Where nothing but sunshine and blue open skies

Returns to forever and before we both die

A song will remember with a sound o so sweet will remind you I loved through all that will be

Robby Simpson Poet




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The non-cotton candy version of Adam

When anger, doubt and fear 
became companions that made up your tears 
and a question repressed in your mind
fragmented into space-matter and time
the eternal and limitless being
decided that it wanted something besides everything
and that is what we call “the fall”
but in truth it did nothing at all
so we decided to make up a world
divided into boys and into girls
where judgement replaced all that was good
and we became whatever we could
and finally to just let it go
you know God could of never made up this dumb show
where some live in castles of jade
and others just prisons we made  
so I covered up the ruse with a fig leaf
my choice to be more than just me
a special seperation device of my own
but the truth is I never left home

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