Inside the Rain

Yes I have turned in gladness

and in this exchange return the sadness

in a world of pain and panicked thoughts

reclaim the soul that I had fought

to separate and questioned too

release myself from this worlds’ glue

we walk with hands that hold a face

with tears that fall and sorrow rains

and hear a song from long ago

that reminds me that in time I’ll know

that nothing here but love remains and with this thought

Inside the Rain



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Wherever the roads finally meet

I’m not really sure how it happens
but it all will end with a kiss
and a silent wind blows
and no one left to know
but a song will remain and a list

of memories insane and beatific
all arranged in a merry go round
and all of time stops and for a moment I’m lost
and remember why we all can’t just help and get found

Wherever the roads and the trails finally meet you
again I will call out and see
a journey that throws all the stories and notes
away for a minute to show us what’s not
and there on the mountains I’ll cry too
and there with your memory be found
in the dawns early lights
all is all right
and everyone that was lost
Now is found

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its not necessarily so

lets all fight for war because thats what we signed up for
it pays all our bills and gives us a reason to rejoice and then cry
play the part of the hero
And the part of the victim

and gives all our children somebody to fight

Lets all fight for peace because you know that can’t happen
kill or be killed
a tooth for a tooth
an eye for an eye

When force faces force the effect is always disguised as a reason

Like the same god  that brought you

tsunamis makes you pray on your knees to the same god  so you won’t die?
lets all pray for stuff that will never keep you safe or happy
lets all just pretend something we named God knows why
follow me here for a moment
as we look at the story called time
what if our world was created by us?
And only you can choose what to decide

am I living to die or dying to live in this madness?

who in this world has never looked up and just sighed

please release me from what would make life occur in the garden of eden or quantum space then just leave it’s entropic creation to die

I heard in a dream where you saw me

and all I had used to replace

so we made up a god exactly like man

who is jealous and wrathful and fake

and of course he is out to get you

and only a few can remain

the special ones stay and the rest of us go to hell or to nothing that’s safe

and the rest of us here are left lonely and scared and uncertain of every damn thing

and burn underground in a place that’s called hell

but interestingly so

no worse than what we make on prison TV

so that is the tale of the story

the God of Love

has never been scathed

Maybe He just sits outside of space and time and waits and when you are done with the fake

he gives you glimpses of what its like to be safe

you are more than just this limited body

that dries out and rots under the sun

and of all of infinite causes in space

he would never leave even one of his daughter’s or son’s

It’s a wonderful world because it’s a journey of lessons

it shows you what love isn’t

until you realize you are done

and of all the lessons I’ve learned here

inside this place that preceded time and space

that all the world’s fences
one fine day

become undone




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My Prayer for Everyone and Everything

My prayer to you and me

Robby Simpson

to those who seek you now can follow
the beat of your own distant drum
the melody will bring you home
the rhythm will make you wiser
to those who believe it will be so
the world will unfold it’s kindness
there is no god of retribution
there is no god of the chosen few
see in the end
love is all that matters and it is here
inside of you
plant your love and it will grow
plant hope and that is what u will sow
and until when we meet again
you will remember what we know
the song has never left your soul

Loosen your shackles
they lives in a dream
and all of the fishes are one with a beautiful wonderful sea

pull back from your senses
for a moment to see
we live the illusion of Adam’s the lost child’s dream

never awoke
from the…

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Emerge and unfold into time

just images inside of our minds

from there we move on and sing the rest of our song that

with or without belief you will find

forgiveness is the reason we met

I learned you give what you get

you get what you give

we get thrown in a siv and love is all that is left

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Gravity’s Sad

The world that I live in does not feel like my home
it changes from second to second and from flesh then to bone
the central dream seems to have done all but maintain
the illusion we live while here in the brain
somewhere in the exile I call alone
I know in my heart that this ain’t my home
Time hardly remembers so I won’t try to explain
the reasons we live seperated and in pain
and tolereance is high here for polarities reign
no need to wonder why the kids are insane

I looked at gravity and asked why are you sad?
I’m an alien here and I do miss my Dad
consider this now before memories speak

and fall into a slumber and back into sleep

gravity’s sad because his Mom went away and said she’d return but then never explained

the place that we go to there can never be sad

you won’t miss your father or mother and there is nothing that’s bad

so try to remember before sight goes away-this is just a story you made up in your brain

and the exile you feel was really a gift-you can give it away now because it never exists

its’ there as a memory to remind you of home

because nobody here is really ever alone



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juxon place

such a beautiful place to live was our little corner of the world -inside our hearts ;and within those houses of hope the America we knew was rapidly changing
substance and values and a myriad of ideas that had been heretofore – only wishes …were to be
I was born in 1961–during that decade many events would shape –destroy–challenge and rebuild our souls
and somewhere within that chaos –
I would discover a joy that only sorrow could conceive
a song that only silence would receive
and a light that only darkness could give meaning
robby simpson 




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My life school

When will I see you my friend?
Please forgive me for falling again
There is nothing that I can say or do
Please know I will always be part of you
Before I could sing or realize that dreams
Would throw me in jail my bipolar sails
Had stopped me from hope
My last flight with dope
A learning parade and still I will stay
And make things all right
Now give up my fight
To try or make change
In my broken brain
The damage is done and nothing is fun
But one day I will laugh
And remind me at last
That this was my school
And yes I’m the fool
But I will always love you
And all we’ve been through
Was for reason to be
We both will be free
And fine in ourselves
Released from this helL

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This has been the lesson of my life

I am happy I was not right

where fear is gone

and bitterness replaced

there LOVE will come

and end this thing called hell

as Heaven beckons inside my heart

Forgiveness comes and heals Everything that would end and startPersonal Training, Arlington, Falls Church, Robby Simpson

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There is a River

There is a river of fear

under these distractions and tears

something  of truth or anything worth holding on to

this semblance of love is all that is left

and it is enough to conquer even death

There is a river of peace

I have walked on in clay feet

where nothing is more and nothing is less

this semblance of joy is all that is left

and it is enough to wade through the rest




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I woke up one day and the life I thought I had was gone
I know this place I have been here before
A separated sin A laughless joke
A broken piece inside fears’ note
returns one day to remind me then
that none of it is Permanent
the part I wrote inside times’ cloak
was meant to prove my schwag and groove
was better than the dance we’re IN
that everyone will remember when
the part you Fall Look up at the sky
and recall again You never Died
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Seven and half billion pieces

all returning to union as one

a pea in a pod a note in a song

can’t cross the gate with a grievance in Mind

hold onto the shit if you want too

relay back the signal at cost

retrieve all your mean and jealous broken dreams

how we got here is really not lost

all of my childhood memories

I can choose to see what I thought

returning in time

there is no bodies dime

that need pay for the quantum -how we got lost

each will experience the madness

just so you can see the Part when you Awake

and remember that time was a sad and beautiful rhyme

and played like music that softens each lonely face

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