here right now

Here right now is all thats real
the future’s past the angels deal
what if all you say and do
unto yourself and others too
was made for you to let it go?
come with me now and deconstruct the show
You made of noticed the eternal terror loop
a show we made that smells like poop
and all effects are just the same
that end in dust and death and pain
dont pretend you see it not
or you’ll never leave this frozen spot
and let the glacier melt away
here right now your heart is safe
Back here in the projector room
up on the screen it feels so doomed
and that’s what keeps the movie
going the circle of fear the ever present bullshit evil omen
cant you see its all a ruse?
a play of fear to keep you glued
alive on your electric screen
on fox cnn or tmz
The video I call my life
will all contain a little slice
a symbol where I let it go
To view the battleground behind the show And acknowledged this eternal state of internal terror that can abate

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helen or heaven a home by the sea

I’m not really sure how I got you

but it covered everything with a kiss

for once in my life it felt just so right

And never dreamed how much I would miss

you were the cream in my coffee

you were the twang in my guitar

and at night when I dream and forgiveness

it seems had washed over all we had lost

you may never know how much that I love you

and we may never hear that train again

but remember this song when you are sad sing along

and we will all return to that home by the Sea

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the pieces dance

If you might of said
goodbye too quickly
or ever dreamed of a second chance
then here is a story of reconciliation
here is the story of the pieces’ dance

remember the parts of the puzzle
that you made as a kid
recall the earliest memory
of when you were first scared or kicked

Remember the home you returned to
in a place that was safe and in tact
and all of the seperate pieces
realize that no one is last

We all will return together
hand in hand with the rhythm in tact
and the song that never left us from heaven
returns with love’s joined melody at last

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The World inside is just a dream

If the world inside is just a dream
it means my heart seen everything
tears were written in the stars
light ray souls get so so far
Innocence drowned out
but don’t believe
what you see
this is the subconscious world of thoughts and themes
projected out to herald eternity
the journey here is like a seed to a tree

Behold the tremendous journey
look gently upon your request
to be god
you no longer are judge and jury
there is nothing to give up
and nothing here has ever been lost
it is similar to your understanding of
or what might appear in a dream
where the hero takes an arduous journey
then the whole fucking thing
because that is exactly what happens
here inside of this world or the play
what you do unto others you are really doing it to yourself
so that is dream of forgiveness
where everyone and everything that you
loved is lost
and then just like Dorothy (a.k.a. everyone)
in the Wizard of Oz
you realize
love has no cost
there is no one to pay for your penance

let’s just admit all at once

I have done all this

unto my self

here is the point of the story
You have already been reserved a ticket from hell
and each and every one of the pieces
will return to the family we made
its true we are an insane family
but no one is more special or more of a mess
and each of God’s weary children
will return to the Heaven
where no one is more and no one is less

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I’d rather be happy than right

So you would rather be right than happy?
you’d rather be happy than right?
then here is a tale of insanity world
and is in fact what we call O.U.R. life
do you think there is a god in heaven ?
that created seperate sons
and some are real good and some are real bad
And some cut off your head
just for fun
here is the point of the story
that is always hidden from site
what you do to others
you do to yourself
there is no division from Gods site
there are no special people
we are all the same in Gods eyes
the prodigal son and the one that stayed home both were loved and received Gods life

all of the seperate pieces
we will just call them fish
they live in a sea
in a world they can’t see
outside of the ocean is infinitelessness

the sensory apparatus
the 5 senses called my body and soul
sight sound smell touch and taste
are always directed outside of this place
so that I never look inside of my soul

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more than you ever thought

I have a picture of you
I keep it in my guitar
when I’m sad I take it out
and look into the stars
I dream a dream of silence
in a place before space and time
I held your hand and we made a plan
that would lead us so so far
a place from the beginning
when I looked into your eyes
I knew that then
but would forever end
without the solace of your arms?
to hold me kind and gentle
in a place we safely land
then hurdled back and safe at last
we were more than we ever thought or planned

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Carrie we will meet again in the milky way

We were once spinning planets
we were once falling stars
the entire incredible universe
Here from the beginning of it all
we will return again
and remember the split
the original substitution
the fragmentation of Noah’s list

occurred from the momentum
created by a thought
the tiny mad idea
given wings and then got lost

I picked you from the beginning
in a play to make us real
and you had picked me also and we made a secret deal
the figures in a dream you run from disappeared
when the light of day
at once in light revealed
and this will happen also and the sons and daughters of time will see
I never really left you and you never
have left me

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came 2

I looked down at the rug as a tear splashed on my shoe
the world that I had made had finally disolved into
A musical comedy play filled with joy and pain and death
a devastation to myself until I realized thats what we all will taste at last
the silly things we do and
the silly things we say
the sculpture that I made
was simply part of a big stage
all the angels will be devils
and the angels devils too
remind yourself your dreams at night
seemed real till you came 2
If you get frightened in the theater
recall the tickets at the desk
you can look up at the screen and realize
What this dream is all about
you can change your mind about the world and forgive the world we made at Last

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Father will you tell me?

Father will you tell me
where is this place I made?
its sad and cold and great and bold
a mix of all thats been
remind me to look closely
at all the roads we take
all end the same but
The dream remains
that love at last I’d hold
a safety net forever for everyone
to see
its not hot or cold
no favorites told that only they can be
no special child
we’re all the same
all safe and sound like rain

that flows back home and is never told that it could disappoint the sea in pain

In fairy tales with
sunny sails of strawberry fields

That go on and on for miles

and when the bell it rings for me
for you it  will ring twice
and all the angels will turn in their wings
throw down their lairs and cry

somewhere in a story

In a place before space and time

I held your hand and we made a plan

that we would start again

Remember this is temporal

in forever this can not be

but time will tell and this little hell

Will finally set us free

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its just a show its allright you can get up from your seat anytime

Its just a show its allright
you can get up from your seats anytime

Go on with your plans

leave me be

All roads go back home

Can’t you see

in the sands of the journey in time

forgive the world we made and leave all your concepts behind

if you think about the things that you want

is anything here offered come without cost?

can’t you see its a comedy line

where the treasure is always hidden inside

the body of something or sombody else

you want safety and friends and a love that won’t end

But things go hot they go cold people want diamonds they  want gold you want lovers you want sex you want intimate zest

and we all want the same oF all the same stuff and then just pretend it’s not just for us

and there’s never enough of any damn thing so we all made a show

where we fight for these things

and all ends the same in murder in death

let’s not sugar coat this inanimate mess

but until you look at it

you won’t let it go

come with me in time and let’s forgive the ineffable bittersweet show

the show is the journey you see

in linear time from position 3D

now look at the spelling of ego and god

they both contain a clue to the infinite cause

go is the symbol you see

in the direction that will set you free

the voice will always hear you on time

when you are finally done with the rhythm and rhymes

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12 years ago on this day

It’s been 12 years since I last had an alcohol drink

it’s not something that I even could think

when the glue that had help me survive

made me feel so bad and besides

the fact that this inanimate  thing

I thought gave me wings to fly

had taken away the sky

and left me just wanting to die

this thing that comes in bottles and cans

I had turned over and gave all of my plans

for a caring and beautiful life

I had traded in for a vice

but just for today that world is gone

I wake up with a passion and long

to play my guitar and just sing

I hear the birds and i hear the bells ring

I forgive all the destruction we made

we all take turns at who is wrong or whose


and none of it means a damn thing

you can keep your trinkets and things

pennies, pills , purses and pings

I don’t need or want anything

I am here and I am finally free

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love’s not

I don’t need any help to the river

I have seen it before in my time

all the endless forays and the useless portrays

Of a long hard fought and bittersweet life

I could of never been what you wanted

no one can be everything

we all play our parts

that we planned from the start

The secret vows we forgot

That we made up the whole fucking thing

then we made up a god a mix between the Heavy and Santa Claus

who can cut off your head or save you from a killer disease

At some point you cry

look up and ask why?

How could this world of possibly been?

It’s all good or all bad

you get happy and sad and no thing or no one is free

It’s like you are contained in a can

in a body called man

With a few decades a few months and a few weeks

but as soon as it’s gone

the dreamer will long for another attempt to change scenes

but the story is wrote and I’ll just say this short note was to remind you that only the eternal will last
you’ll get thrown on your ass
and in the end you’ll just laugh
because we all return to eternity

And no thing or no one is lost

there was never anything to pay for or a cost

it was an exhaustive dream where we tried everything

and each variation of all that love’s not

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here for a minute

Here for a minute

and then you are gone

nothing here lasts

at least not for long

as soon as it started

it begins die

this is the story

of the journey in time

forgive me for thinking

about something new

the past is like mud

and holds you like glue

The dream is the same

no matter who or what you choose

because you are me

and I am you

please hear me

I love you

please tell me

it’s true

There is more to the world

than the picture we view

and before it was written

in the stars and the moon

I always have loved you

and always will too

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the correction

I never had a plan B
Nevertheless I learned to play a song Everyone will find there way back home
No matter how right they appear or how wrong
If you spot it you got it
If you believe it you will perceive it
It’s a flip from adaptation
To collaboration
And somewhere in between
The shift I’d hope would be
I just let go to see
Not denying
Or relying
on anyone or anything
But tuning in and letting go and let the correction Be

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quantum world

In the quantum world there is no seperation

But the five sensory apparatus device i call my body

has these eyes that say that is not so

the real world is not material

non spacial        non temporal

There  is no division at the quantum level

there is no divide in your home

and we are a long long way  from the beginning

and a long way back to go

the correction is inevitable

ineffable and just So

so let’s Go

release  and let go of this minute

your thoughts your dreams and your woes

we wrote an incredible story

of a song that was our road back home

and right when you thought it was over

and no thing and no one could stay

the ruse that was used to divide us

Is the same that will restore us to grace

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all so clear

Each and every body in the end see that all roads the same
things and size and how much and how high
all combine and return and retain
all the seperated pieces collide and remind the one brain
in the end only the prodigal daughter or son return home and then only Love will remain
please listen to me
I am sorry I caused so much pain
I’ll never be able to turn back time
but I can see it now all so clear
and to try to choose again
A chance to open my eyes and look up at the sky to a bright new and glorious day

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a point

There was a point were all I could do was repeat the words of a song

I would lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling and

the song I remember was slow and melodic with

even tempered beats that rolled into a perfect groove and

I could

hear your voice from far away

the siren’s hymn – life’s lonely play

how can this be-this world of jade?

where the one s you love just fade away

who would make a world so cruel where children die without clothes or food

in a mean old world in a hate filled place where

we all pretend it is A ok

well things aint cool and nothings fine

and no one here has got a dime

and the rich and famous build a circus world around

how they are victimized by a cruel cruel world

but letz just get this fucker straight

god didn’t make a world of fear and hate and

Exist in shit holes to live and die and pray for happy blue green skies

and chicks and dudes to make them whole and rub it in some tiny hole

to prove that you are good for me

in a place that is all

contingent on lack and scarcity

so we can live real safe and die quite nicely in a nursing home where the last mad parade returns you to a child’s play

welcome to what you created

welcome this we did and all saw

now we can let it go

because in truth it was nobody’s fault

we all decided to experience life outside of heaven in a play called time, mass and space

you return to where you began once you are done

with your toys and your tastes

and your special love and your special hates

and you finally realize we are all just the same in a insane world and everyone is heading to the same damn place

not around the corner or a side of a road

with a perfect job and a family home

or a coffin that holds your dust and your bones

listen my child because time will fall away

and everything is here inside of today and nothing is missing

and nothing is wrong

there is a part of you that is bigger than your body bigger than all you have ever saw

it was all created inside your mind

when we had the original fall

from the event horizon forward

it all turned into a whodunit play

where we all throw the hot potato

of guilt since we went down this road

so letz just stop for one minute before we dive back into the play

I have given everything that I see all the meaning its got

and I can take it away

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wHO AM i ?

Who am I and why am I here?

I float on a river of cares

every 10 seconds I have to breathe

or watch out for the latest disease

have you ever noticed how things don’t seem to change

its always something outside of your range

that has some apparent impact or reality on the plan

I can’t change a thing I can barely change my own hand

how in the hell did I ever think I could change somebody else?

if piercing the vail is just to open your eyes and see

you have no control over any thing but yourself

it’s a movie that you wrote in time

were all the players reverse their insides

and what I thought I did to myself is projected out and I see in somebody else

now that I realize what I see I made

I enjoy some reflections more than others  let’s just say

but in the end they are all the same a return to what forever made

and that is the key to the door

what you made you see out the door and what forever made

you can’t see with the eyes that you make

they just reflect the original mistake

and the sensory apparatus the body I call my home

a temporary jumpsuit to prove I’m alone

And in between good morning and good night

Sometimes just for a moment
I let go of the fright

this fearful dream of a world that we made

where you learn all that love is not
till you just say

I have given what I see
all the meaning that its got

I can let it go
the prayer of my heart

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Trail #9

Trail #9 we would cross through the creeks and the vines

split off from everywhere else

a small kingdom unto ourselves

and there for a moment in time

I would pretend of a world where everyone was fine

a oneness joined even just for a musical memory

I will always remember how kind you were to me

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We have never not been together

Even in times when I felt alone and apart

The original fragmentation

The division projected outward holographicly from the start

A cry for love in the madness

A plea for hope in the dark

We all made up an incredible story

Where god uses what we made of this play to return us to the start

Is there something more than forever?

Is there more than perfection can bring?

I once heard a song and nothing was wrong

And I was one with all and everything

If I am the alpha and omega and I and the father are one

The prodigal son who thinks he left home

Can return whenever you say you are done

A zillion seperated  peices

In a puzzle that returns back to one

A picture of an inward journey

The return to infinity’s run

The truth is unalterable , eternal, and unambiguous

Not absurd, unstable in it’s functioning and a hoax

In fact the entire cosmic inflation

Space, time and the material world

Is similar to your understanding of a wave function or musical note

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pit bull zoo

The world is a pit bull

now ask me why?

Be  it ebOLA  or ISIS or cancer or fire

The most popular shows on tv include murder and pain

But nobody asks if this is the subconscious death wish from the brain?

It’s all made to scare you and then runaway

the world that we’ve made isn’t as nice as it seems

I wonDer and wander where did I lose my way

am I meant to be and then fade away?

eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die

is the dirge that you sing to if you believe the great lie

that Adam left heaven and eve is to blame or some snake made us live in sin guilt and shame

And everyone is wrong or else their all right but nobody wins this stupid fight

And God is the heavy who makes all the plays

be it pestilence,  diseases or earthquakes in May

and then if you’re lucky get him on a good day

granted favor and wealth and success and pleasure and fame

I won the big game because godz on my side

The touchdown the hail mary pass it was all planned by god

But somehow this same god forgot about the kids  with cancer that die?

The hospitals are filled with this arbitrary good and bad side

Do you really think that god mAde this world?

And it was him who decided if you were a boy or a girl

I’ll buy you a vowel and save you some pain

You pick all the players including your name

And its all been set up so it looks like a game but nobody wins and the ends all the same

all roads end the same no matter how gayly they start

It would appear all the players  forgot they chose their own part

 just like an ostrich with its head in the sand

One day you just look up and then understand

god could have nothing to do with the play

there are no chosen people

we are all just the same

You see God don’t play favorites that dude was a man

who created a religion where everyone pays

in penance in pendants in paper and pain a

nd the whole thing about it

is nothing is true t

rying to make sense of a  world that is really a zoo

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My Broken Life

I wake up in the morning and wonder if you care

or even can remember the moments that we shared and

when I hear the whistle of the trains that run at night

the north wind blows and my lonely soul remembered why we tried

You were all things to me -all I could not be

smart and bold and all I ‘d known of summer’s kind and gentle breeze

and the beauty that I saw deep within your eyes

knows the tears of joy I cried because you kissed my broken life

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unwinding duality

If it feels like fear and is similar to exciting

Adrenaline rushes in and turns
electric into lightning

the stages of the journey appear so bright and inviting

into the levels of trust and the process of unwinding

Lay me on the river
take me down and let me go
sing a song that fills your heart
with love in locust grove

I hear the crickets chirping
I hear the birds will sing
I hear the bells are ringing
in heavens lovely spring

I see you in the morning
I see you in the rain
I see you in the sunshine
I love you through the pain

And when you feel the thorns are piercing at your brain
and the world is wrong and filled with hurt and filth and shit and pain
Remind me to remember that what we told ourselves
that we would make it through this journey back to heaven through this hell

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Never’s mind primitive simplicity

I hear you in the silence

with your own cause without a care

focused with a purpose

to prove the guilt is real

but what you throw back at me

is what you did yourself

projection has a meaning

it’s called  your mental health

what you do unto me

you do unto yourself

we change the role of prisoner and jailer

here inside guilt’s’ hell

let go of what you made me

and I’ll release myself

there is no one here that’s left to blame 

we did it to ourselves

and when you see I love you just the same as you love me

we’ll stop the stupid sorries and just in time will let it be

the choices that we chose at that instant there in time

was exactly what was wrote to be 

inside times’ silly rhyme 

forgive yourself for thinking that anyone’s to blame ‘it’s just a fucked story we made up in our brains

happiness is something that just shows up in time

when we all decide to let it go and remember it was never’s mind 

Resurrection is a memory that what you saw was false

we never are a victim we are effect and not the cause 

The purpose of the world , my friend, is to hide that you made up your own part 

Robby Simpson







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Heaven’s Call

I have been the biggest fool of all

try to construct a dream for futures’ call

a snake that eats its’ own tail

designed “what’s next?” as a distraction but would surely fail

the belief there is any thing here to possess-the world was made to affirm the dream of death

stop pretending there is anything here that don’t end in dust and destruction-but is it all in jest?

I just got to get this off my chest

we suppress it all -then one day you just stop to rest

only music and forgiveness can remember freedom then fills your mind

its’ just something that we all will see in time

I love you All and forgive this dualistic dream

expose the lie and give up the value I placed in things

nothing lays standing at the end of time

we are all children of presences’ lovely rhyme

I want nothing but to let the hurt go

I’m not trying to convince or change anyone or anything I just want to know

I looked inside and found my peace of mind by realizing the external was all just lies

 a projection of the egos broken mind

I don’t value differences, definitions, preferences or opinions that you call “mine”

I don’t blame you so don’t blame me -we made it up -all for one and one for all until I cried

I have been the biggest fool of all 

but I, just like you,will finally hear the song named “Heaven’s Call”

there is beauty here inside this dream when you relinquish the value you place in things

like whose wrong or who is right I’d rather have some peace-rather to be happy than complain about the heat and who wins a stupid fight

(The miracle establishes you dream a dream and the content is not true

now you know what happened between me and you)

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I want to see

I could never make you happy
not with words or deeds could do
to change the world I made myself
and picked it all for you
A reversal of projection
when I finally stopped to see
that no thing or no one could change my life
until I finally looked at me
The journey we all take inward
is just something that comes in time
when we finally just get tired
of the ego’s bullshit rhyme
I am more than just my body
I am more than just my stuff
I am wind and rain
and joy and pain
a creation turned to dust
I look at the world and watch it crumble
look up at the sky and start to wonder
what kind of god could of made this place
with death and disease -let’s just look and face it
if everyone dies and then disappears
is there a chance that it’s all not real?
If there is something that is called forever
I bet it doesn’t change like the wind and the weather
and two year olds don’t die of cancer
let go of your shoes and becomes the dancer
that sings in the rain and becomes what’s true
that you are me and I am you
we wake up from the land of make believe
pull back the curtains and start to see
that tomorrow really doesn’t stand in time
it’s just a decision you choose in your mind

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Pause if you will for a second 

remember that all you see is the past

and the kingdom you made and the endless forays

of the world’s fleeting and valueless crap

the ego will possess for a minute

and then as soon as it came it is gone

and all that you loved and all that strived for

one day you realize that you were just wrong

nothing or no one can save me

from what I created myself

a 3d movie of a make believe god that left us here with a cruel and meaningless fate

the fear that once used to drive me


is the fear that eventually will make you just say
I have given everything I see all its meaning it’s got and I am the one that can take it away
I was never upset for the reasons I thought
just the truth-that love can not be thrown away

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Emerge and unfold into time

just images inside of our minds

from there we move on and sing the rest of our song that

with or without belief you will find

forgiveness is the reason we met

I learned you give what you get

you get what you give

we get thrown in a siv and love is all that is left

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Gravity’s Sad

The world that I live in does not feel like my home
it changes from second to second and from flesh then to bone
the central dream seems to have done all but maintain
the illusion we live while here in the brain
somewhere in the exile I call alone
I know in my heart that this ain’t my home
Time hardly remembers so I won’t try to explain
the reasons we live seperated and in pain
and tolereance is high here for polarities reign
no need to wonder why the kids are insane

I looked at gravity and asked why are you sad?
I’m an alien here and I do miss my Dad
consider this now before memories speak

and fall into a slumber and back into sleep

gravity’s sad because his Mom went away and said she’d return but then never explained

the place that we go to there can never be sad

you won’t miss your father or mother and there is nothing that’s bad

so try to remember before sight goes away-this is just a story you made up in your brain

and the exile you feel was really a gift-you can give it away now because it never exists

its’ there as a memory to remind you of home

because nobody here is really ever alone

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My Prayer for Everyone and Everything

to those who seek you now can follow
the beat of your own distant drum
the melody will bring you home
the rhythm will make you wiser
to those who believe it will be so
the world will unfold it’s kindness
there is no god of retribution
there is no god of the chosen few
see in the end
love is all that matters and it is here
inside of you
plant your love and it will grow
plant hope and that is what u will sow
and until when we meet again
you will remember what we know
the song has never left your soul

Loosen your shackles
they lives in a dream
and all of the fishes are one with a beautiful wonderful sea

pull back from your senses
for a moment to see
we live the illusion of Adam’s the lost child’s dream

never awoke
from the mistake of a child
he lives seperated but not away from Love’s Father

but he thought he left home
and to do this you see
he had an illusion that he had broke free

remember the story of Adam and Eve

they ate from an apple and saw everything

then thrown into a dream of right and wrong so we could see what is effect and what is cause

you see the struggle
we create and decide
was made up by dualities
harsh and miraculous ride

good and evil
birth and death
are just like a circle
impermanence can’t rest

and inside the world
that is scarcities ride
we look at each other
and try to decide

which one was wrong
and which one was right
we live at the table
that was dressed for a fight

but what if I told you of a love that’s so bold

that nothing or no one could break from its’ hold

could hurt it destroy it or make it go crazed

no matter how hard it won’t go away

and what if I told you
that all the world is a stage and in the son’s last act
he believes that his capricious/whimsical Father
is going to come back

and sin and atonement
and punishments wrath
played out like it is a ride
on a child’s dream of a carnival track

and when you return
to where you were start
to the place I believe
where perfect love art

that All of the Prisoners are going to be free

and that is my prayer to everyone and everything


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Love is all I remember

when you summon the courage to ask
after time and hell kicks your ass
when puberty’s over and it’s time to get sober
don’t forget that this world holds you last

in time the whole thing sets you free
from the dawn to the dusk to the sea
and inside of this place holds a child that prayed
so that you and I one day would see

that LOVE is all we were meant to remember

our names and our faces will change like the weather
but tomorrow will come as as sure as the sun-
nothing can stop us from the world that
will come.
 robby simpson
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