Here it feels more like grey mortar
To concretize what fear itself made
What the hell did i do?
To deserve ridicule because my world does not tick to your tastes
Pretend it is all just a magnet to what you attract to yourself
So let me get this straight
There is no one or no fate
That does not feel both sides of the play
In one you are everyone’s hero
The other what everyone hates
Attach with this key
All undone and retreived
From a time when all was OK
Can’t you see that the world is a mirror?
Born in silence rolled out accross space
When you live in my shoes
You can see and tell me what to do
But until then
I will love you anyway

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Everyone will get home

To every person there is a season
set into entry the systems’ owned cause
you start to review all the things you been through
what becomes everything and nothing at all

You see the deceit and the standard
that changes to get lunacy’s way
in time all comes true not a thing you can do
because truth has laid out all since eden’s play

If every mean becomes the standard
because no one means nothing at all
go ahead and just scream blame shame and fear projected at people and things
forgive your own part in it all

we all get our place at the paper
to write down in every way
accept and review what time eventually will do
because everyone will get home one fine day

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1 and not 3

Good Luck with your search for tomorrow
It is written even though you can’t see
you can take all the time and scenes and the lines
and in the end what turns a spark to a flame?

We make up a song with a story
like the seconds the moments divide
I walked down the trail to the woods where I fell
and there I found what no thing can find

We made up a place and a station
a mystery shrouds perception and taste
I dreamed of a time when we travelled across time
to a nation we plugin in space

I dreamed of a world of tomorrow
it is closer than my eyes could see
invent your own song and in time won’t be long
when NOW the past and the present are 1 and not 3

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Listen today and you will hear a silence
Welcome a guidance that reconciles what will be
Forgive and amend what happened in sorrow and sadness
Recognize more than any fence could mend or possibly retrieve
More than fickle fools flowing in a river of kindness
Nothing holds back what is meant to be
A love so sincere and authentic
Clears the mist to the blocks of the fountain of faith in me

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remind me

I sat down to a blank piece of paper
let words meander with thought

not one thing released without discerning at least
my feet and hands are part of a cost

I look at the world from the lens of a body
careening and falling through time

a perception device sees the naughty and nice
perceived as separate lives

I’m sure we are more than a body that appears and dwindles in time
a vessel perhaps that is used to distract the moment the seconds divide

I project and receive what has happened
already determined in time
the planets will spin and return once again
to remind you
this is what you will find

there is nothing you get to hold onto
that my hands and body will need

there is love
there is fear

in between
it won’t care
pick one and the other will leave



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leaving the land of make beleive

I am climbing up a steep hillside
the leaves and trees cover my tears
the wind blows right here and not even a care
as I feel my lungs filled with air

Thanks in case I don’t get it
but I heard it in every song
every poem every play every story was made
to release me from whatever went wrong

I know when words find their meaning
like the first time I walked in this place
renewed and refreshed I let go of the rest
found my time here with what’s given in space

I see the top of the mountain
the trail is covered in rocks
cut down to the earth in the granite
what I found here can never be lost

If time in fact is a river
we all will meet at the sea
every lesson is learned
every ash to be burned
leaving the land of make believe

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where have you been?

I’m thinking about a memory

of a time and a place and a scene

such a beautiful mind

you were never unkind

and then you became what you see

where have you been since tomorrow looks wonderfully at a present today?

how lovely you are as we look at the stars and realize

you are part of everything that has ever been made

things are not what they seem or are they different

I  am determined to not see things the same

to see things as they are no matter how long or how far

to look into your eyes and hear what you say

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I felt the wind go right through me
And only the beat of my heart
The breeze warm and wet
In the mist forests wept
With yourself and every tear shed in time

All are called to the supper
No one is turned away
And we spin in the stars
God knows how long and how far
Till each child
Each person each place

Regard as words for your profit
In hope in a world spent in time
And the dreams that come true
Everyone knew when the recognition and restoration of mind

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Forgive your own heaven or hell

So everyones’ Jesus and Judas?

All of us covered the fall with a veil made of steel an impervious seal to keep the memory from recalling it All

So everyones’ the beast and the buddah?

So opposites might seem to appear
The good and bad the happy and sad
What’s behind the bridge that don’t end

How could it just be a memory?

Of a story of a sperm and an egg
that entered in time and arbitrarilly finds a world that’s completley insane

What is behind the praise or blame meaning?

So that a school would appear to itself

Either here or your mind

winds back the witness of time

To see what you did to all of your selves

No longer in need of praise or fear blames’ meaning
What you do you do to yourself
All time seems to be is a remedy to forgive your own heaven or hell

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The moon and the milky way

Somewhere before all of your tomorrows
Someplace after all the payments and fines
The court resumes your fake case
As you fall on your face
Including your purpose defined

Each one of your brothers and sisters
Each moment we struggle in time
Each choice and each fate
As we weave and we race
Accoss an imaginary finish line

There is no trophy for playing
You don’t have to win
But you still gotta fight
Stand up and accept
The reason we left
Heaven was hoping to find

A better place or a reason
To continue in spite of our fate
To live and to die on a planet beside the moon and the milky way

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the Teachers

Everyone lives in you as you live in everyone

Sometimes you are a tree
Sometimes you are the sun

A tree that reaches up as the sun reaches down to the silence in me

Once i was a drop of water that turned into the deep blue sea

Once i was a bird in the sky
And could sing with everything

Would you condemn your brothers
Or would you set them free?

Removing the blocks to loves’ awareness
Leads you to a new way to see
All that will be

Blessed are you who have not seen
And yet still you beleive!

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the America movie

God bless you Ms America
I know your heart is blue

I grew up in the sixties
I might be just like you

I tripped and fell into a rabbit hole
That my eyes and ears would see

I can’t hear what you say to me
When all you do is scream

Everyone and everything
Will meet you where their at

A ladder that we climb up to
To see the sky come back

I went into the movies
I looked up at the screen

Went back to the projector room
rehash all our broken dreams

Its funny how things look different
When it’s called the past

A series of repeat events
To lay you on your ass

To finally give and just say
God please take me from this place

I know you did not make this substitute that takes the place of grace

Fear is the intolerance
unleashed both sides just see

It cuts accross the barriers
Of race, of politics and creed

The answer comes with ease
Like simplicity itself

What you do and say to me
You are doing to yourself

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Puzzle pieces

Tell me is there really a winner?
When judgement takes up all of your dimes
You can make all the dollars and sense in the world
But you can’t buy another second of time

Remember yourself as a spirit?
That chose to walk through this place
A spirit in jeans with million of dreams
Words are meaningless
When experience takes its place

What if my eyes were a mirror
Of a vision just made to remind
Of a time and a place
Each puzzle piece fit its’ space
And returns me from the limits of time

The planets will spin for a moment
The world will continue to live and then die
To love and to hate
In this journey called fate
Beyond the lessons and learning in mind

I held my arms around your shoulders
Because I could not carry myself
You held me up high
Beyond the shores waterline
Until i could finally breathe for myself

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Whatever has happened
It’s all over now
I will sit here and listen
and won’t make a sound
No one has to offer
A reason or plea
Accept in the mirror
The world that I see

Despite all its’ misery
Its’ hurt and the sham
At the end of the day
We all give a damn

To let go of one fixed unchangeable beleif
That God is insane or dead
and fear alone runs the streets
Truth neither moves nor wavers nor sinks
The world will try a thousand compromises and attempt a thousand more things

What is it for?
The only question i see
Your assigment my friend
Forgive those
Still deceived

Nothing but this is true
Don’t you know?
You are more than the sun the moon
and all the worlds’ gold
A lesson like lymrics
A school for the blind
That wake up and stand up
Your function in time

Behind all appearance
What is beyond that
To live and to die
Accross times’ great road map
Pick any point from the end you can see
Salvation is not witheld for you
Or for me

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The healing remains

Before there was ten toes and ten fingers
Before there was two ears and two eyes
Once upon time a story would find your heart and ultimately your mind

A tale as long as forever
A song so bold and sublime
Each player would dance in a made up romance until we all just stopped
and smiled

I know its hard to beleive it
What we think up actually does come true
A lesson in time stiched in cloth and a rhyme
Of lessons in a course that you drew

Each road meant more than a symbol
Left a scar on the side of your face
You see it inside and each movie reminds you
You are so much more than this place

So much more than a body or planets spinning in time
A universe here and calls you
My dear
You never were meant to be alone or unkind

Everyone goes through their moment
Till it all just fades away
The patient will find
A change in his or her mind
And only the healing remains

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the TV mirror

There is nothing wrong with your TV
Just a mirror of me and of you
Stand up and applaud
Seek and find restores all
To whatever permits forgiveness inside you

Draw near to the end of a journey
Mad careers and artificial lights
Cheap shots and cold lies
You already know why
No one walks in this world that don’t cry

Clear and srubbed clean comes forth all of the sorrows
Forgiveness just looks and judges not
No call to the healing is unanswered
And of this you can be sure
You get a spot

And so does each one of brothers
And sisters no matter their call
What time does to you is simply undo
The one that is really the all

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When hate falls into the sea

If i could find words to explain with
All my minds’ eye seem to see

If you haven’t noticed by
The past loops around and like lemmings jump into the sea

Don’t pretend you don’t see it
It consumes everything your eyes see
Be happy or right
Your sanctimonious fight
Of proving the hate is in you and not me
So tolerance now is a shovel
To bury whatever it makes
You can turn on yourself and everyone else
The angels don’t give a fuck what you think

Today i will practice acceptance
In any form that it takes
When love is called forth
Even fear and remorse
Ultimatley kneel at its feet

Love wins the end of the story
The remedy for a world still asleep
Awakening sounds what was lost now is found
When hate falls into the sea

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Every Tear

The body is a limit

But my vehicle in time

Can be afraid and yet perceive an all-inclusive unlimited mind

There is a method in its madness
There is a song inside this place
There is an ancient melody
To those who do beleive there is escape

The ability to serve an undivided goal
Unambiguous Unequivocal
And Only love will know

Who calls to you and makes this gift let love replace their fears

Through you extends the joy and hope that lives in every tear

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Ready to go

I remember waking up in the city

In a brownstone located between

The world and the wind

The earth and its sin

And a limitless memory of dreams

Like the planets and stars
I am made of

And somehow just lost its way

We trade places and dance

You can call it romance

Or whatever makes these face and feet glow

My hands were made to protect me

but maybe could reach out in kind

My face sees just this

a mirror for fists

or for shaking
to reach out and grow

My feet were just made to remind me

of how far i still have to walk

Up a mountain or stream

Beyond fears frozen reach

Where rebels are willing to go

Wherever that is
You will find me

So far i accept at least this

A dream is like a memory
in that it pictures what you wanted to be shown

Reversing cause and effect
A glimpse of the rest
Gently lifted up and ready to go

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A dream is like a memory
A picture that I drew

Of what I wanted shown to me
Of what I wanted shown to you

A child makes up stories
With dolls and sticks and glue

Forgive me please for thinking that
One could win and one could lose

Transpose the version that I read
When truth in silence sees

Or would you have it be concealed
or revealed and set you free?

I’m willing to accept and reach beyond this melody

An ancient song begins to play
Calls forth and nearer me

Experience that grace provides
The miracle we receive

Blesses every one in time by releasing you  I’m releasing me

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Where fear has let go

The activating agent
in my mind is my “soul”
Eternal not born
In a form flesh and bones
There are opposites and
there are degrees
In a world made of sand
From the sky to the sea

Everyone I know like a mother would sing
A song to her child to dream better dreams
Unchanged and unwritten
Understood and unsaid
One day you wake up
And all are uncondemned

With a brightness so sudden
That heals and will mend
Experienced by all
A love that don’t end
Nothing witheld from anyone or anything
The problem and the answer lie together with me
The obstacle the path and the fork in the road
Here i have found
Where fear has let go

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The trumpets of time

Anger is an addiction
Judgement is another one too
Load up your next hit
Your drink toke or fix
The outrage is better than glue

The problem is not from the white house
black brown orange yellow or green
Not from russia or spain
Not in china or maine
Just a decision inside me and you

Turn on your TV and you can’t beleive it
Shut my eyes and held my hands on my ears
Externally fear it shreiks and its’ tears
Can never devour whatever created whats’ inside of you

Somehow or someway complete is a remedy
Asleep and awaken recalling the day and the night
Behold and for this
So much more than a kiss
That will vanish to the trumpets of time

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Where in the world are we going?
When can I ask if we’re through?
Why is it always gone when you need it?
Wherever you go
I go too.
I guess we won’t be trapped in a spaceship
That journeys accross the milky way
Look up at the sky
You got to know why
We got left here but never can stay

Somehow or someway you remember
How else could this world appear true
The secret for me is but this
Can’t you see?
That you are doing to me
what you
do unto you
No matter the form of the mystery
Whatever the cause inside pain
Where fear once exist
Undo only this
The presence at once will break through

I once said a prayer
You would find me
In a dream where a promise came true
You need only this
For the rest of the trip
Love has never been seperate from you

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Somewhere before forever
I know i find the truth

Now i lay me down to sleep
Before I wake I choose

Who would leave you comfortless alone in dreams of hell?

Release my mind from everything this world will try to sell

Each and every person that has ever walked before

Each role we live and seek besides
we shut and open every door

What animates this body
Like puppets in a play

The audience sits on the edge
The arena built to stay

It always seems a choose between a weakness and a strength

The little gift i give to You
And shines forth it’s called

From scattered threads a melody
A song for all includes

I sing along with everyone
Each me and every you

To catch the wind or rainbow
It ends where it began

The miracle just calls you forth

Creation has a plan

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You wake up one Monday and everythings’ changed

What does it mean
you receive what you gave?

Let me be still and listen today

In quiet
in power
To groove inside grace

What does it mean to be present today?

Wake up to the idea there is anyone to fear or to hate

Unto and to alter a function in time

You won’t need a penny a nickel or dime

You can dance and can sing
Without a reason or rhyme
You are certain and safe
Beyond space beyond time
To be still and to listen
To understand and receive
Together we’re Better
Divided we bleed

Who holds your happy?
Who holds your sad?
A word that reminds me
Forever is glad
For all of you people here in this place
That all appear different but in fact are the same
All with a lesson a purpose and rhyme
To step up a ladder in divinty’s time

Together we’re better
Your hand held in mine
To exercise is to groove
When you groove you feel fine

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Today’s Distraction

What is your standard for evil.
Do you know ?
Are you sure ?
Do you care?
When you can make Kavanaugh Satan but MS 13’s in the clear
Who are these people talking to
When they decide to monetize themselves?
The press will offer up a sacrificial lamb
Aren’t you glad you offered to help?
We all are losers at this level
Sanctimony attacks can’t you see?
And has been doing so since the dawn of time continuing to turn two into three

The levels turned up to 100
Till you can’t see or hear anymore
Everyone and everything churns up fears’ insatiable thirst for who has less and who has more

Good luck with your incedible journey
To a search to the bottom of the sea
You can blame anyone for all that wrong
But without you there would never be me
The “me” that wakes up and forgives you for you being exactly like me
A kid that grows up released from all of this stuff
And in the end we all are set free

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the Truth

Who would stand in front of a wall
And continually bang his head?
If that is not what we are seeing in the world
Let’s just pretend till we are All dead

We all can crucify each other
And hang out each other to dry
Would it matter if I was exactly like you
appearing as another guy?

Forgetting is merely a way
of remembering a better past
Nothing but a choice once again
To let go of what will never last

If i could hear and see visions
Would it alter my view?
What you have and what you are
is a framework to discover the truth

Love needs no invitation
Herein lies your true wealth
When you do not use it
You forget
There is nothing else

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It’s all been ok since you get there
See a lots has been a big waste of time
But as learning just crept the lessons i left
in between the wisdom of time
A body to age and get buried
A jacket to prove that I’m not
Just here flesh and bones
and a pile of stones,
sweat and fury some piss and some snot
The emotion that made what’s called meaning
Another step to heal the love appearing apart
Corrections and shifts that i never would guess
Somehow and someway arrive just in time and exactly at the right spot
Don’t pretend you don’t see it
No secrets are hidden away
The difficult roads have their highs and their lows
The gift that you have
can not be taken away

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The Ticket

I scratched beneath the surface
To see what we all lack
To find the love and adulation
That fate would not give back

A world of seperate interests , yet we all share the same thoughts
Tribes and groups and states and gangs in truth are one
but think that they are not

The object of addiction
Power, stuff or tastes
Forgive it all that money buys
It never was that great

Go ask Michael Jackson
Or Marilyn Monroe
Being rich is wonderful
Being poor just blows

Take your heap of pomp and circumstance, honor and prestige
Fortify and rationilize while the world splits at the seams

Impossible to understand
What conveys the truth
I’ll tell you this
Whatever makes a body real
Can save both me and you

You are not forgot in heaven
But no one walks in alone
By forgiving you I forgive myelf
And that’s our ticket home

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Trauma silences people
So if you got the balls to speak
Bang on your pans
scream, yell and plan
For the end of what you’re accustomed to see

Resistance is futile to no one
’cause no one don’t live in a cage
You can throw me inside but I swear I will fight you each and every day

A range of hues of all colors
A window to open up why
We spend all our days and nights in a classroom meaning so much more than just to live and then die

I showed up to let us be thankful
Come together for a gentler path
Your meager gifts and petty judgements
We all are a pain in your ass

Receive and realize what is given
The gifts that are shared here in time
In power and strength in gladness and thanks
As we change our thoughts and our minds

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Heaven smiles with you Today

Stop and stand up against anger
That these fears may disappear
How you gonna offer room to love?
When hate is all we see or hear

Not understood or understandable
Safe and certain between awakening and rest
The trumpet that calls and sounds round the world
The song where no one is more yet no one is less

Here is the blessing restored you
In the days and the nights as you sleep
Behold with your eyes the vision replies
You are so much more than
the flesh and bone that you see

I practice these thoughts when I’m lonely
No sense of loss will not fade away
No one that walks in this world all alone is forgotten
Heaven smiles with you Today

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The gift

Faith acknowledges union
Faith is the opposite of fear
There is nothing faith cannot forgive
Without judgement the past disappears

With equal ease the messengers of healing
Sent to do what they do
Lighten the chains that enslave our bodies and brains
The choice is not outside of you

To have faith is to heal and to share it
Together the process complete
No longer here all alone
Uncertain and unknown
Witness the gift of loveliness for me and for you

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Whatever confronts you today
Seen one thing in this world that sustains
Not repaced by trivial lists
Prestige, the ‘right’ people or their fists
A blanket of protection in peace
An answer to all that I seek

A voice lovingly will remind
lift you where nothing can threaten your mind
Here where eternity sees
what is worthless and what is finally released

Forget and resolve all I’m not
No division where nothing is fought
All things inside time will ultimately fail
Good news all prisoners get released from this jail
And a song in eternty sings
you are cherished and always will be

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An instant it all comes together
A span of time is waiting for you
When your doubting will end
Obscured sight will mend
The blindfold between me and you

A time to be still and to listen
Safely I lay in your hands
We fall back and advance in our seperate dance
No one walks this road that don’t know it has but one end

Here each choice and deception
What was once so precious and of care
No sacrifice asked all conflicts delayed and relapsed
And lead to a place to release all of your fears

I guess it ain’t really a river
It’s the path that will lead me
The worlds foolish aims gone completely insane
When Forgivness comes —all roads come back together again

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Had i known what was already happening
What I dreamed in forever came true
Once upon time restored to my eyes
The impossible really came through

It made sense of all that has happened
Extends the inevitable truth
You cannot deny what we see in ourselves
Accepts that what I see in you

Somewhere in between here and nowhere
Complete in its loveliness too
Bright new and clean even the smallest of things
Here inside of wonderments view

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Already there

Release me from conflict
free me from fear
I let go and lay them under your care
All that would cherish the great and the small
In time it will quicken its’ search for us all
Continue your efforts for it finds a way
Despite of the troubles, deception and pain
Wherever you wake up there you will find
A reason to live beyond space and time
And those people that showed you and pointed a way
They are really just you
Just finding their way
There is not enough forgiveness
And way too much fear
One day it will guide you
You are already there

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Eternities heart

I hope this poem finds you rested
And well in whatever you do
I’d do anything in this world to right all that went wrong
It’s just something we all will go through

Some of the roads rise to meet you
Others throw you on your face
Once upon time I swear i could fly
till the sky was taken away

I dreamed that we walked by the river
You smiled and held out your hand
Closed my eyes and we kiss
What i thought i had missed
No one walks into heaven on time

In lessons i learn what i needed
I guess when it all falls apart
Aware and set free
Restored and released acknowledges eternities heart

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Ambitions elaborate system
To protect and defend an attack
Attempting to plan a future
By activating the past

Organizing a present
Gives my body all the functions you see
Beyond all that will falter and fail this pile of dust and of seed

Beyond time’s penalties and weapons
Legal definitions and codes
If this is not a picture of fear?
Who could be at peace in this home?

Exalt in what we’ve accomplished
The world will always want to be healed
Besides all the failures and faults
There is something that never will fail

Nothing impedes the truth and its progress
Established for each daughter and son
Everything that will happen each event past and present and to come
Shines in each step you have taken
Increaeses and lights up this world
And gently undoes all that time would conceal
You are whole and complete and revealed

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Big George gave me a Rock

Thanks in case I don’t tell you
Your quietness overlooked everything
What can you depend on in a world made of sand?
Maintained by what I beleive

Immutable looks beyond madness
Appears one must lose one must gain
Who pays for the cost for the rules of the world and turns hell into heaven and heaven to hell?

Equally remembers all of it’s children
All of the notes sweet the sound
And all of the differences no body will see
as each piece returns to the ground

I know that you read ancient stories
Of a place and a time justice sees
Returns you to love so much more
Just because
Impossible is the call salvation needs

The Rock that love built
Ain’t a story
Commutes each sentence laid down
Frees all the prisoners that lock up themselves
This choice makes no sense once it’s found


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Where is time when you need it?
Completley concealed from my eyes
My ears hear the sound while my feet hit the ground
A frantic search of what goes up must come down

Remember I forgot to beleive it
That heaven walks here by my side
And the idols I made
Each lesson betrays
Each step each failure each try

Who won this weeks game in the city?
Was it men who are willing to die
For stuff you can’t keep that end up in a heep of garbage above or under the ground

Despite the ethics of being
Whatever you are doing to yourself
You are doing to me
Is there any sense you are me
living on the same planet spinning around space and time?

I hear a melody singing
strings that rise up to the sky
Each note crisp and clear
Establishing there that
everyone here is safe from the prison of time

What can I lose by asking?
Seperate events don’t appear by themselves
All scripts will combine
safe from disaster of all kinds
No longer obscured from yourself

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Grace’s Gift

Please just know that i love you
Nothing lasts forever it seems
The twists and the turns
The wins and the burns
All blend together and sing

The notes make up sticks and a body
And offer you pleasure and pain
Props made from light turns day into night the beats melodic insane

In my hopes I woke up in the 60’s
Robert Kennedy was still alive
And the people God helps did not turn on themselves
In division we ultimatley die

Lets just pretend there’s forever
And each note will find its own way
A million new songs not one of them wrong
Each just a gift we call grace

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I Hold out my hand

Time has already set
Each circumstance everyone and event
No one who walks in this world
Every body each boy and each girl

In your brother you see but yourself
With time sees that your health is your wealth
Done and gone mistakes learned from my past
Matters not who comes first who comes last
I found out you give what you receive
What i forgive in you
I forgive inside me

The convergance has already been set
Don’t disappear like my dollars or rent
Where will all of this go?
No body here
But God only knows

All happenings return you to thee
You are joyous and happy and free
In you i see a vision of light
Help me imagine joining and sharing your life

I hold out my hand because i love you
I’m so sorry for all my mistakes
Today i will see what i am giving to you
I am really just giving to me

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My parents came here from Brooklyn
Built a life and family from John Kennedy’s dream

Brought us to the door with a glimpse of the shores where echoes of eternity sing

With a genuine desire to hear you
Returning the silence and trust that dreamers’ will dream
Where once i could see all this world offers thee
A quiet joy that reminds me to celebrate life

Today i embark on a journey
Not afraid to transform
This limited life
All the damage we do
And tears we cry through
That everyone must trancend releived of the struggle and strife

Serene and aware are the paths of our learning
That rise above the laws sufficiently in time
An instant rehearsed spent long nights feeling cursed
The world stops celebrating death and feels the joy of life

I cast a net that sheds a light on a journey
Served it well inside each day and each night
All this i go through and so much closer to
I would enter now the presence of sight

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Kindness made you kind

I’m better off since i met you
Helped me see through the thick and the thin
Beyond sickness and death
Seperate worlds will attest
The gap between you and my mind

I kept the gift that you gave me
Of forgiveness and whatever will come
A vision perhaps of a world with no gap
and accepts we are joined beyond time

I seem to see in another
The pieces i don’t see in myself
And the planets will spin
Every thought every whim
Will finally realize we are certain and safe

Thank you for being my sister and brother
As time disappears before our eyes
We will meet in the gap between the first and the last
Where fear is gone love will return
Because kindness made you kind

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Lost and found

I wish I could ask you a question
Wrap my head around what’s real with a smile
Finally release the ironic defeat
I beleived in my head for a while

There are so many things that i waited to wonder
What will be in the wind as time flies
All the people i knew
And events i went through
My attempt or my prayer just my try

I know that you said there’s a reason
For each tick and tock that makes time
Every lifetime so fast
As each second will pass
within you the love lost is now found

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Open the door

Can we open the door that was locked here before?
that shines beyond light
And restores my sight
Despite differences heals
With common ground and shared tears
As we walk through the years
Find our way through times’ fears

Behold the lillies of magic
All happening here in your mind
Undimmed and untamed
wild and insane
What Love creates
Love will always remind

No one who walks here
Won’t get it
When revelation has come

Each gift you receive

You shared with each you and each me
It’s untaught and unlearned
And has already been done

I hope when it comes i am ready
to reflect what accuracy
Each likeness will shine
My brothers and sisters in time
Each step back from chaos to peace

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Can’t take my faith

Why would it be any different?
it’s just now brought into sight
the technology age where information displays
the collective mind or our collective fright
It all gets thrown in a blender
filled with some venom and spite
the judgement machine is endowed with one thing
to find fault and win at any price
It all gets filled with an ego
with protective clothes and a mask
Pretend you don’t know the reason they cover their ass
has nothing to do with who is sweet and who’s brash
you are only afraid if you can’t see it
so just throw it right in my face
what can be threatened and jailed becomes what you nailed
to a cross or maybe your fate
so take my clothes and my body
throw me down on my face
you can spit on my skin
and do it again
don’t give a damn
you can’t take my Faith

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the Angels of truth

What if it ended tomorrow?
How would you look at today?
The future and past in between what don’t last
What begins and ends anyway

I thought I could tell you a story
I tried to make up my own play
We all do in a time each a nursery rhyme
Part tragic, parts happy and great

Established before this was written
To correct every error in time
What begins and don’t end
Is the love that you send when forgiveness washes over your head

Into this impossible story
Gods sends the teachers of light
Talk of hope and escape and of patience and grace
Simplicity need not be

Like magic became its’ own servant
In  time become the angels of Truth
what you see from the past
What will change and don’t last
But there is something
Real Forever and True

I see it inside of all people
The mask behind every face
Inside of your ears and your eyes and then your brain will decide
The vision of love
Or of hate

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what goes up

Don’t try to make sense of what has never be broken
that closes the door to our senses and, clearly, our mind
a time for amends and whatever takes the place of forgiveness
to finally let go of who has been wrong or who has been right

Put all the pieces together
watch them divide as we all take our sides
I hear all the screams and pointing your finger feels better
In the end it all gets rolled over by time

So Welcome to the age of rescission
let reverse all the gains we made here in time
no need for a judge or a jury
we crucify everyone because they are guilty without a trial

good luck with your mob rule of justice
in time everybody will see
what you do to yourself is just part of the story
what you do to yourself is what you do unto me

so paint up the walls and the buildings
set some fires to see smiles and frowns
destroy and resist for as long as your pissed
at the story
but remember what goes up must come down

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