Had i known what was already happening
What I dreamed in forever came true
Once upon time restored to my eyes
The impossible really came through

It made sense of all that has happened
Extends the inevitable truth
You cannot deny what we see in ourselves
Accepts that what I see in you

Somewhere in between here and nowhere
Complete in its loveliness too
Bright new and clean even the smallest of things
Here inside of wonderments view

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Already there

Release me from conflict
free me from fear
I let go and lay them under your care
All that would cherish the great and the small
In time it will quicken its’ search for us all
Continue your efforts for it finds a way
Despite of the troubles, deception and pain
Wherever you wake up there you will find
A reason to live beyond space and time
And those people that showed you and pointed a way
They are really just you
Just finding their way
There is not enough forgiveness
And way too much fear
One day it will guide you
You are already there

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Eternities heart

I hope this poem finds you rested
And well in whatever you do
I’d do anything in this world to right all that went wrong
It’s just something we all will go through

Some of the roads rise to meet you
Others throw you on your face
Once upon time I swear i could fly
till the sky was taken away

I dreamed that we walked by the river
You smiled and held out your hand
Closed my eyes and we kiss
What i thought i had missed
No one walks into heaven on time

In lessons i learn what i needed
I guess when it all falls apart
Aware and set free
Restored and released acknowledges eternities heart

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Ambitions elaborate system
To protect and defend an attack
Attempting to plan a future
By activating the past

Organizing a present
Gives my body all the functions you see
Beyond all that will falter and fail this pile of dust and of seed

Beyond time’s penalties and weapons
Legal definitions and codes
If this is not a picture of fear?
Who could be at peace in this home?

Exalt in what we’ve accomplished
The world will always want to be healed
Besides all the failures and faults
There is something that never will fail

Nothing impedes the truth and its progress
Established for each daughter and son
Everything that will happen each event past and present and to come
Shines in each step you have taken
Increaeses and lights up this world
And gently undoes all that time would conceal
You are whole and complete and revealed

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Big George gave me a Rock

Thanks in case I don’t tell you
Your quietness overlooked everything
What can you depend on in a world made of sand?
Maintained by what I beleive

Immutable looks beyond madness
Appears one must lose one must gain
Who pays for the cost for the rules of the world and turns hell into heaven and heaven to hell?

Equally remembers all of it’s children
All of the notes sweet the sound
And all of the differences no body will see
as each piece returns to the ground

I know that you read ancient stories
Of a place and a time justice sees
Returns you to love so much more
Just because
Impossible is the call salvation needs

The Rock that love built
Ain’t a story
Commutes each sentence laid down
Frees all the prisoners that lock up themselves
This choice makes no sense once it’s found


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Where is time when you need it?
Completley concealed from my eyes
My ears hear the sound while my feet hit the ground
A frantic search of what goes up must come down

Remember I forgot to beleive it
That heaven walks here by my side
And the idols I made
Each lesson betrays
Each step each failure each try

Who won this weeks game in the city?
Was it men who are willing to die
For stuff you can’t keep that end up in a heep of garbage above or under the ground

Despite the ethics of being
Whatever you are doing to yourself
You are doing to me
Is there any sense you are me
living on the same planet spinning around space and time?

I hear a melody singing
strings that rise up to the sky
Each note crisp and clear
Establishing there that
everyone here is safe from the prison of time

What can I lose by asking?
Seperate events don’t appear by themselves
All scripts will combine
safe from disaster of all kinds
No longer obscured from yourself

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Grace’s Gift

Please just know that i love you
Nothing lasts forever it seems
The twists and the turns
The wins and the burns
All blend together and sing

The notes make up sticks and a body
And offer you pleasure and pain
Props made from light turns day into night the beats melodic insane

In my hopes I woke up in the 60’s
Robert Kennedy was still alive
And the people God helps did not turn on themselves
In division we ultimatley die

Lets just pretend there’s forever
And each note will find its own way
A million new songs not one of them wrong
Each just a gift we call grace

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I Hold out my hand

Time has already set
Each circumstance everyone and event
No one who walks in this world
Every body each boy and each girl

In your brother you see but yourself
With time sees that your health is your wealth
Done and gone mistakes learned from my past
Matters not who comes first who comes last
I found out you give what you receive
What i forgive in you
I forgive inside me

The convergance has already been set
Don’t disappear like my dollars or rent
Where will all of this go?
No body here
But God only knows

All happenings return you to thee
You are joyous and happy and free
In you i see a vision of light
Help me imagine joining and sharing your life

I hold out my hand because i love you
I’m so sorry for all my mistakes
Today i will see what i am giving to you
I am really just giving to me

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My parents came here from Brooklyn
Built a life and family from John Kennedy’s dream

Brought us to the door with a glimpse of the shores where echoes of eternity sing

With a genuine desire to hear you
Returning the silence and trust that dreamers’ will dream
Where once i could see all this world offers thee
A quiet joy that reminds me to celebrate life

Today i embark on a journey
Not afraid to transform
This limited life
All the damage we do
And tears we cry through
That everyone must trancend releived of the struggle and strife

Serene and aware are the paths of our learning
That rise above the laws sufficiently in time
An instant rehearsed spent long nights feeling cursed
The world stops celebrating death and feels the joy of life

I cast a net that sheds a light on a journey
Served it well inside each day and each night
All this i go through and so much closer to
I would enter now the presence of sight

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Kindness made you kind

I’m better off since i met you
Helped me see through the thick and the thin
Beyond sickness and death
Seperate worlds will attest
The gap between you and my mind

A kept the gift that you gave me
Of forgiveness and whatever will come
A vision perhaps of a world with no gap
and accepts we are joined beyond time

I seem to see in another
The pieces i don’t see in myself
And the planets will spin
Every thought every whim
Will finally realize we are certain and safe

Thank you for being my sister and brother
As time disappears before our eyes
We will meet in the gap between the first and the last
Where fear is gone love will return
Because kindness made you kind

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Lost and found

I wish I could ask you a question
Wrap my head around what’s real with a smile
Finally release the ironic defeat
I beleived in my head for a while

There are so many things that i waited to wonder
What will be in the wind as time flies
All the people i knew
And events i went through
My attempt or my prayer just my try

I know that you said there’s a reason
For each tick and tock that makes time
Every lifetime so fast
As each second will pass
within you the love lost is now found

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Open the door

Can we open the door that was locked here before?
that shines beyond light
And restores my sight
Despite differences heals
With common ground and shared tears
As we walk through the years
Find our way through times’ fears

Behold the lillies of magic
All happening here in your mind
Undimmed and untamed
wild and insane
What Love creates
Love will always remind

No one who walks here
Won’t get it
When revelation has come

Each gift you receive

You shared with each you and each me
It’s untaught and unlearned
And has already been done

I hope when it comes i am ready
to reflect what accuracy
Each likeness will shine
My brothers and sisters in time
Each step back from chaos to peace

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Everyone as Yourself

Is there a choice between peace and joy
or chaos and immiment disaster?
Everybody i know in this world seems to know
It don’t last but goes back
And that’s what we are here for

Learns with pleasure and pain convinced that my brain can function and use strength as my master

Protect and resist
It most certainly is this
Till acceptance -it’s just quicker and faster

Discovering me was a journey you see
There are people but they are really yourself
A mirror in time that effects and reminds
My teachers have established my wealth
A treasure each me the world seems to be
Love don’t conquer but it makes all things right
All done before because today is much more than a device to see everyone as yourself


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A process called peace

I know you didn’t mean it
The hurtful words that we say

I just wanted you to see
That for once i did something

That makes life easier
for someone else for a while

So i thought i would start a new lesson
Like the poems you told me to read

And after all we went through
I just wanted to tell You
That here in this moment
I’m fine

You were my greatest teacher
We all have a story to tell

I know you left me the framework

that points more to heaven than hell

The good and the bad

The happy and sad

All have there place here for a while

Life begins and it ends and in between what God mends

Reminds me that this all is worthwhile

I shut my eyes to remember

A day just like easter in spring

The flowers i breathe and the clouds just like cream
And we walk till we run then we’re free

You told me you’d
See me in heaven

We wake up and write a new dream

But this time we knew

That all that we do

Is all part of a process called peace

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Step 11

Forget not once that right from the start
The end is certain
like the will that created your heart
An instant not farther than the thoughts in your mind
That live and will change
Like desiresĀ in time

The world that got lost
silence somehow replaced
That guarantees we are loved
By this thing we call grace
That remains and remembers
We are certain and safe
That somehow functions all the planets in space
An ancient door that leads beyond me
This step i will take
To change the world that i see

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Addiction is crucifiction
You nail yourself to a cross
Attacked and feared by everything here
The only thing you trust is your loss

The addicted ones are all asleep

Surrounded by a world of love-liness they do not see

Freedom peace and joy stand here beside the choice of death and fear

The print of nails on your hands and arms

Frail and helpless you just see what’s wrong
Faith invested in nothing but me
Isolation becomes its’ own enemy

And your mind will change with desire’s crumbling cost
That will shift and show you
That all this gets lost
Purpose ungentle will point you a way
The frail and the helpless
The strong and the brave
Truth is not frail
Unmoved and unlost
Condemns you to nothing
That breathes crawls or walks
Rocks and turns and whirls
You awake
One day we all will be free
But let’s start just with today

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A prayer is a phone call to heaven

Whatever ends up being your failure
Or the framework that makes all turn to dust
At the end of the day
The endeavors we trade
For some food some clothes and a hut
Beyond the memories of moments
Where everything seems so complete
I look into my eyes in a mirror
Appears a world attached to these feet

Whatever is done now’s a memory
That falls to a flood we call time
To shout and to scream
This must mean something
There must be more
to be born and then die

I hope i wake up to a symphony
And someone is holding my hand
The music sets free all i wanted to be
I am lost and don’t need to be found

I guess when it all comes to pieces
The parts that time don’t seem to take
Come together and fit
Like a puzzle and much more than this
Reminds you we all receive grace

It happens to the sad and lonely
It happens to the rich and aloof
All happening one day
Whenever you say
God i give this to you

A prayer is a phone call to heaven
And calls to the stars i can’t reach
In the milky way we all dance one day
So much more than these hands and these feet

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All time mends

I woke to the dream of a family
Built a story of a world that was
Vivid bold dreams that unfold
Everything and equally for everyone

The house that love built
Ain’t a building
There are no bricks or mortar
To lay or make safe
You are much more than this
Just a pile of bricks
Some nails and some sticks with a face

I hope I wake up as an eagle
That flies across open blue skies
The wind grabs my wings
And here everything makes sense
If just for a while

I saw you down by the river
Skipping hand and hand with your friend
And for once i let go
Because everyone knows
we will sow what’s now sad
then time mends

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Let the chains disappear

Nobody wants to be nothing
Everyone wants to be seen
Benign indifference is better than hate
But love is what all people need

I wanted to be somebodies someone
The apple in nobodies eye
There is no set rule
Of what is kind or what’s cruel
Just some tears
You breathe hard
Then you cry

You free the past for the future
Your pain your sorrow your tears
A world apart from my wishes
To see what everyone fears

The present remains to remind me
That suddenly happens today
The only thing I can change
To escape what time made
Are my thoughts
And i let those chains disappear

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Seperate sleeps

I’m not really sure why i wake up at night to a phone call
Pick up to the words that i hold to my head and i smile
And a voice says “it’s me
I just wanted to see when the sunshine
Had opened your eyes to this day and it’s new sunrise”

Somewhere i recall on the sands of a beach is a city
Where nothing’s withheld or withdrawn all circumstances apply
All equally seen at the end of the dream comes a healing
Accepts that my body has become the lord of my mind

The thought that protects and makes soft all of my cares and my worries
Conviction remains where uncertainty once used to rest

Bestow and received
Not one is denied or unwelcome
To awake from the dream of our seperate sleeps here in time

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Mirror mirror

I have found a worthy endeavor
Something to do from the minute I wake
To help where i can -a kind word to a friend
And hold back the words I used to say

I don’t know how time glues us together
Or why we make so many mistakes
But somehow or someway
With each passing day
In the end it’s not what you win or what’s lost

We all take our turns as each other
In time’s most magnificent play
To feel and be one with my brother
Combined in a moments embrace

To see with your eyes
Life’s incredible ride
To finally fit inside of this place

It is simple and true that i once was you and you rediscover you’re me

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The first and last

I am driving in a city
Through gates of jade and glass
Glimmering beads of sparkling light
Reflecting all – the first and last

Beginning looks beyond a tree
The sky behind my eyes green leaves
It’s blue like clouds are orange white
We dreamt into the present night

Hopeful does what ambition did
The goal time had to start and end
In between in all you do
The deeds the words time walks you through

Judgement does what division did
And throws debate on top it’s head
Deconstructs and seperates
Still can’t stop the call that heaven makes

I raise my hands up to sky
And look into a new sunrise
There was no cost
There was no gate
not on the map -not in a place

The gap you see between each face
Behind all thoughts events and tastes
We’re all the same behind the mask
Ultimatley the first and last

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My friends

You give up being upset over things
You don’t have the patience or time
You can be wrong and they can be right each and every time

Elect if you wish
A runaway train and push harder all of the time
That spirals on down
To a hard shallow ground
That leaves you without a smile

Compete with your fists but remember this
The words that you say can inspire
Or gossip and hate and destroy the fate and the faith and of all people -besides

What the hell are we doing here
If we can not learn a thing from ourselves?
Forgiveness it seems
Happens only in dreams
Except for once in a while

But what if i just took a minute
Out of each and every day
And pick some chill words
Cause it is all so absurd
There must be a reason we stay

Please forgive me as i forgive you
As we all remember ourselves
Competing wills in a world of danger and thrills
And pleasure and pain and tastes

Seemingly it apears in levels
and tiers an exodus called to replace
To just let it go
Because everyone knows
There comes a time
And a moment and place

I wonder when creation continues
To plan and discover itself
An agreement in time like a vessel
Will find
I learned more from my friends than myself

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Like Waves

The house that love built
Doesn’t have walls
There are no rooms to hide in at all
The roof that love built
Don’t keep out the rain
It’s open to the moon
the sun,the stars and the rain
It lets in the lonely the wretched and cold
It walks beside you when the world has a hold
On all that you pray for and all that you see
God has a plan for you and for me
Twist and turn as much as you can
Chaos fufills and defies the best laid out plans
And futures and highways yet to be seen
Crazy like waves that crash over me
Hear like a whisper i breathe without fear
And tell you tomorrow is already here
If nothing but kindness that time could replace
We all will return to the sea from each wave
That batters and bristles each grain of sand
Forged to create each woman and man
The result from the data would seem to suggest
I have lessons to learn and let go of the rest
For all i had wished for and all i had known
And finally conceed there is no meat on that bone
What a magnificent place to set out from here
To know in the end
All my problems and cares
Somehow get walked through
Like each bridge i see
I will cross it with you
But this time i can see

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Entirely ready -step 6

I am sitting in a crowded room
My eyelids tight and closed
We all repeat these living words
Then everything I’ve known

I try to focus on my breathe
The words in cadence say
All i wish for everyone and all the things we made

I listen just a little
A hint that melts with thought
And there i breathe
Please remember these
When no thing is won or fought

I gave up fighting everyone and everything but me
The world i thought had happened to
Was coming draped from me
And all the roads i stepped into
Looked both ways and then i tried
Fell once again – learn this and then
You live -you learn-you die?

I am sitting in a crowded room
there is no one here but me
I came into and will leave through
The vessel that time needs

That points in all directions
No lack to be satisfied
But here inside this present place
I’m so grateful that i cry

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In love’s time

Your life will change in a second
When it happens you know that is true

And nothing’s the same
this world seems unchanged

Just without me
And the world that i knew

Remind me to laugh
In this moment -Remind to smile and say

Hello my dear friend
We meet once again
Please forgive me for the memory
I drew

The picture was just of a story
Of a time and a dream and a place

And time lets it go
Redeemed and reknown
With a tear and acceptance
In it’s place

I move on out from here till tomorrow
With pictures i keep in my mind
A memory i knew
Of a love that just grew
It didn’t start it didn’t stop

It just happens
In love’s time

So i thought i would find a piano
I thought i would sing you a song
Thank you my friend
The world’s new again
With new glasses to see
With new eyes

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Let in the people

There must be more than a memory
That wakes me up in the night
And the movies begin
Then all of the sins and ambitions
and motives and lies

It seems to be thrown at each other
Like wine spills all over the place
But nobody wins- its time to jump in
And stand up
against anger
and fear
and hate

The shadow moves out of the cages
And makes an incredible scene
And all the worlds stage
Gets reborn and remade
As each player unwinds from time’s theme

Pretend you dont see it coming
All roads despite how they begin
The thorns at the start
The thorns in the middle
You choose
Its just when they end or begin

So there must be more than this body
That floats in and out of outerspace
And my mind starts to hear
You are not forgotten here or in heaven or somewhere in space

My eyes see in another
My ears hear the angel’s refrain
And here i will kneel
I am ready and healed
And imperfect in no bodies eyes

I thought i would write you a letter
Just to let you know
I got here
Some come quick
Some come slow
And no body knows
But everyone gets back and
Let in

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You came for a reason
And now we are here

Let us sit in the silence
Let time disappear

Our cares and our worries
If just for one day

I lay in your hands
And now i will pray

Whatever comes to us
If there comes a time

It’s clear that tomorrow
Was sent to unwind

Beyond words can carry
A language that speaks

That heals all the wounds
And battles we see

Endures all division
And backs all our tries

Steps up for his brothers and sisters in time

We fight the good fight
Because we have seen

The power that animates and
Connects all living beings

Today is tomorrow projected through time

The past is the present
Until i unwind

The path will unfold
When i let it be

The love in that place
Is what made you and me

I visited Quantico today to show you my new guitar
Happy Memorial Day Dad and Mom
I miss you
bobdogkid on banjo basement steelo

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my imagining mind

You were my greatest teacher
You were my deepest fall
Left to pick up the pieces
Here in the middle of happily after all
Each page contained more than a lesson
Each story refelected thoughts from a mind
The hardest parts of the journey
Are the places you learn to be kind
Remind me to hold onto these memories
All pulled into today
The past projects to tomorrow
I know that somehow or someway
That love supercedes all these moments
Like a movie that plays out across time
The best part of all
Is when you remember the call
This whole time
Just my imagining mind

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Love always wins hate

What am i doing
and where do i go
I looked up at the sky
and asked do you know?

How did i get here
and what does it mean
Beyond space and time
There are so many things

Inventions discovered
That point to a place
Yet to be defined
Inside outerspace

Across from the desert
Where thirsty folks go
A mirage of a river
Where blue and pink flowers grow

Deep like the ocean and green like the sea
And all of the waves that crash just like me
Above all the nonsense
And the stuff you can’t keep
This is the part where
I forgive you and you forgive me

On top of a mountain in a place not so far away
What kindness has given decided to stay
And saves all the broken children in time
And left us a message if just to remind
You never left home but went so far away
Try to remember Love Always wins hate

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The children of Peace

My yolk is the body i live in
The fence and the screen of my mind
The device in all and every condition

In the end surrenders to the benign indifference of time
Somewhere someday in a story
A window will open a way
And all of the boxes that thought they were closed
Emerge from the gap in that place
Continue in spite of the madness
The sadness- the foibles of time
Todays top news was made to make you feel blue
Can’t you see what you seek you will find?
Champion the broken and lonely
Educate the frail and released
We all have our place
And nothing but grace
Will release All of the children
Of Peace

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A Mother’s Love

bobdogkid 5 string theory and the qualia foundation

bobdogkid 5 string theory and the qualia foundation

I thought i would write you a letter
A poem a book and this song
To right all that happened in history
But now i see nothing was wrong
All just a school of lessons
That spreads out like the rain
in my mind
And each drop that falls will remember it all
And fufill what i thought i would find
Please only know that i love you
As i become the muse in this rhyme
Just the peace to accept that no one gets taken away and no one is left behind

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The place that was

Look gently upon the place that was
That somehow became the moon, the stars and the sun
The deep blue rivers that run to the sea
And everyone i see
Is a piece called” me”
Who hasn’t been hopeless or happy or sad
In the material world it’s what you do or don’t have
Or maybe you gave up and just let it be
As the cards fall pretend what they mean
The history of time makes a spectacular pass
It’s here to learn something
In expereience we grasp
That there is a power so much bigger than me
It is called forgiveness
That heals all the wounds and the tears these eyes have seen
If i could move mountains
Or jump through the sky
Is still would mean nothing
Without love by my side

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Live and let be

I have walked in handcuffs and shackles
I have seen what prisoner’s see
I have lived in new orleans casino’s
Been a face without hands or with feet
Above you look down
Thrown down on the ground
To the sound that has silenced all things
The movie slows down in a moment
Tired, afraid, cold and asleep
And you dream of a time
Where everything finds you closer
And points to a key
Regardless of which side that you stand on
Or the outrage you see in the streets
Life simply goes on
And at the end of the song
We all realize we are free
Free to beleive what you want to
Free to release the pendants of time
Who is right
Who is wrong
And somehow we go on
And pretend till tomorrow’s release
It is here inside of this moment
It has always been and will always be
And the notes to the song
Will right all that went wrong
As i begin to live and let be

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New eyes

I am here on the edge of the ocean
My breath has been taken away
On the wind swept cliffs
Overwhelmed by your kiss
Like the first time
There are no words to say

To feel like a person that matters
Inside of this skin here alone
And each seperate piece
Lies a treasure beneath
All on a walk that goes back

Each year that goes by I remember
As we Dance the procession of time
Seek and find all you can
As every second will mend
The mistakes that make up the history called mine

I am travelling on top of a railroad
The box cars all colored with rhymes
And i sing with my friends
As the world starts again
A new vision to see with new eyes

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You are so much more than you think you are
If you could only see through my eyes
The world is too fickle to find you
And these awkward days will subside
The Critical Cruficy people
For what they see in themselves
And the dominoes fall as the world starts to recall
The only bone left here was myself
I guess it is everyones story
Somewhere made up in my mind
A mirror to find
What I must leave behind
Please forgive me for being unkind
I finally caught up to this moment
Where the past and the present will meet
And all of the stage
That all of us made
Disappears into what you beleive
You are so much than your body
Or whatever you put in it’s place
And the whole point of time
Was just to remind
You are timeless
And Boundless
And Free

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Roses and Wine

If time was built to forever
And all undone in one day
If one thing is true
In the words that you choose
As each grain of sand wash away

I told you i love you
Of whatever the tides seems to sway
The twists and the turns
In a life that just burns
In a fire that reappears
Like a flame

It starts with a yearning
For someone
Or something
That just went away
And all the prayers that you tried
Or nights that you cried
Could change the benign nature of times’ magnificent play

Without the process of longing
The space in between all the scenes
Walk on and off of the stage
In lifes long dualistic
I’m learning too- can’t you see?

I wrote you a song
From my memory
As we trudged through the journey remind
To meet up once again
And remember my friend
Everyone time will mend
From the days of roses and wine

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Stations in time

Inside the minutes and moments
That make up a bittersweet life
The good and the bad
The happy and sad
The part that’s all struggle and strife
I pinched my lips with my fingers
Just to know that i could still feel
Then i woke up with you
In a room we both knew
In a place outside even this world
Once we were planets and oceans
Spinning the orbits like rhymes
Like the notes on a page
Of a song we once played
Only Love lasts the stations in time
What am i doing?
Where will i go?
In the world of form
All of it goes
Extract from the mess the best you can
This instant is all part of loves’ plan

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Body in mind

Everyone has their own treasure
Everyone has their own dream
Throw it all in a pile
Laugh or cry with each scene
I guess we are here for a minute
In the hours that make up our time
To fit it all in
The joy and the sin
And pretend that the clock don’t expire
Shut my eyes and try to remember
Just a hint of a time and a place
Certain and safe and inside of this space
Eternity looks and just smiles
I once had a dream where you kissed me
As we walked through a dream and a rhyme
No need for amends or letters to send
Love had healed my body in mind

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I know my poetry is useless
The form of the words that you see
The origin inside of loves’ ineffable mind
Solace resides and there breathes
The catharsis the words try to point to
The vast reflection of sorrows’
And you sing that old song
Until it is gone
Like the mountains fall into the sun
I looked to the sky that we fell from
And breathed a sigh of releif
The world that i thought happened to me
Was merely reflecting all things
And all was there for a purpose
To point to a place in my mind
Where time disappears and all of time’s cares
Like the words inside of this rhyme
I know that time finds you happy
Because we all have the same sites to see
Because at the end of the day
Love wins the whole play
In spite of the world that we see

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Soul Stiching

What will we tell Gods’ children
When the future is hard to see
And all that you do
Seems to end up just screwed
And we all fuss and fight and are mean
I guess i should rephrase
The question
To get to point of my plea
If everyone ends of fighting
Where will we find what we need?

Everyone seems to remember
A wind like a warm summer breeze
And the notes of a song
That just seemed to go on
like forever and a day
Can’t you see?

The hope that ends up in stories
And in poems and in songs and in dreams
Will cut through it all
As time starts to recall
All have their parts in this thing

One the mind a projector
A body we’ll just call the screen
Everyone made up this movie
Everyone has been everything
But beyond the lonely and cold pictures
Uncertain and fear weakened bones
Is a Soul that transcends all that time seems to mend
As we stitch up our hopes and our Souls

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The purpose of time

I know it don’t even matter
There’s just something I just got to say
Sometimes you are right
Sometimes you are wrong
It’s all just part of a play

Where everyone pulls out a lesson
To remind me of why i am here
To look at it all
And start to recall
Where by forgiving you
I forgive me

So time is just like a mirror?
Of a story that was written before time?
Where everyone falls and the joke in it all
Was we picked each word in the rhyme

So read of the paupers’ and princes’
As we fall through the procession of time
In and out of each scene
And at the end-like a dream
There’s a smile that says
“You did not really screw up your lines”

Somehow it all comes together
When the pieces of the puzzle collide
And we live in a world
And we die in a world
As we discover
The purpose of time

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The healing wind

Hold back the wind if you want to
Hold it back as long as you can
What the world gives today
And then takes away
I held my breath as long as i can

I walk down the street in a city
And see what the past has demand
I can leave it today
And just walk away
When love takes the place of fear’s hand

I planted a tree in the forest
To remind of the time
We once shared
Like the tree it will grow
When we all finally know
That love had all along
Had a plan

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Mirror of memory

When i try to look back and remember
The fates and the fortunes of time
The lonely cold nights
And the warm open skies
And the daybreaks and sunsets i cried

It’s now in a note and a memory
In a song that i heard long ago
And the melody breathes
And for a moment it seems
I am part of all things
The moon the sea and the sky

I once recall that i saw you
You were joyous and happy and free
And we laughed at it all
When i realized part of the fall
Was that i was you and you were me

Inside of the mirror of memory
The projections that come from a mind
That lives in a past
Where nothing will last
Except the love that is echoed through time

In this place it’s just called forgiveness
Or really to just let it go
What i held in my hands
Could never command
The benign indifference of a world that’s so cold

I tuned my guitar
To an echo
Just a triad of notes
That just rhyme
And the rhythm unfolds
And the song just takes hold
And i sing
For the very first time

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In this room

Go on and hold out till tomorrow
And save all your nickels and dimes
When you get to today
In that nothing remains
It would appear that we all live and then die
I tied up my shoes tight to hold me
Put buckles and ribbons and ties
Because the news of the world seemed insane and unfurled
Until i looked at the purpose of time
A series of moments and memories
That continue to loop like a rhyme
And in the time that it took
To realize i was hooked
Took the bait lived out fate
And then cried
There’s more to the mystery of moments
Than a picture of somebody i knew
That lived in a world
And somehow disappeared
But somehow
Only love remains in this room

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Stone Hill

Look up Stone hill
And see the birds fly
The clouds disappear
With a tear in my eye
This moment I’ve waited
Since time first began
And I run up the hill
With my legs and my hands

If anything could change this cat and mouse game
Dedicated distractions
That left all insane
Nothing or no one that time holds in it’s hand’s
Can ever forget
That love has a plan

You don’t have to get it
It’s never left you
Its simply been hidden in people you knew
The one’s not so special
The real and the true
And pulled back the veil
Between me and you

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When i wake up

I remember when i met you
Had i known of all that would come
I would still find a way
Through the sorrow and rain
To remind me that we all are just one
The one that will laugh and forgive you
After reading the story of time
Where everyone screams
You messed up my dreams
And in the end it seems we all are just fine
I pray when i woke up in heaven
At the end of this thing we call mine
That everyone i knew
And all we’d been through
Was healed and brand new
When i wake up at the end of the mystery of time

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When love remembers me

Could i just relay a message
The thoughts inside my mind
Besides the scenery and the shifts I see
Something’s changeless inside time

I know because it matters
Not something you accept or can decline
There is no gain
There is no loss
There is no price
There is no cost

I guess it’s just called mercy
To see that I was blind
I forgive you and
You forgive me
And say farewell to history

I hope the clouds will scatter
I hope inside the sea
The rich blue skies
And the times i cried
When love remembers me

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Carry me home

Carry oh Carry
Where did you go?
I looked in the sun
I looked in the snow
I looked in the rivers
The wind and the sea
I know somewhere in time
I will find you
And you will find me
And the lessons we learn
In a school we call time
Set up like props in a play with a rhyme
And sings from your heart
From a place far away
That reminds you of home
And the places you staid
Carry oh Carry
Please carry me home
My wound disappeared
When I heard the songs notes

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Under the Sun

I hope you are happy joyous and free
I pray for you as I would pray for me
That all that love sees
Will shine on everyone
And all of the children that made this long run
Forgiven and blessed and we walk from the sea
In a song that was created
Inside eternity

We have to come together
Regardless of what was done
The good and the bad
The happy and sad
Begins and will end
Like a walk to a run
I recall how back in the beginning
We both made a secret pact
That nothing would change
In a world gone insane and somehow
Love would win in the end
Maybe it’s all just a lesson
Or a story that lingers in time
The dreams that we made
And the things that we trade
For our breif and brave run
Under the Sun

Robby Simpson

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