Go on

Go on and write your own story
Go on and create your own stage
In a world made of sand, some dust and your plans
A guitar and some strings that broke but still play
It takes a minute to see it
All set up to begin
You throw in all of your sweat and your tears
And still the whole thing just ends
Pick your own words without bitters
Get on your knees and you pray
You prick your own skin and the blood and the sins all just somehow fade away

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This car

I already blew up the engine
I already drove off the road
Down every cliff every turn
every twist
Somehow this car it still goes

Remind me you were given a module
Living somewhere in your brain
All time and cold space just laugh in your face
When each planet wakes up cause they know

I’ll start where we get to continue
Enter your spirit your soul
It’s not what you say until one fine day you realize and let all of it go

We witness the birth of a nation
Lamenting the time that it takes
This car it just drives throughout space and time
Learning the map we call grace

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There is nothing here to understand or try to make sense of
Regardless of who can see beyond what words could do
Ineffable squeezed and disguised can’t you see just a symbol
Inside of a jump suit you made and popped out a you
Undo what forever in silence continues resplendant
It never ceases to be whatever you’re not
Behold at the altar of love made to shimmer and hold you
Release and unlearn what forever has taught

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Even if

Even if it all goes to nothing
Like memories fall into the sea
I still would of stood beside bad and good
In spite of all the troubles we see

Look in your eyes I remember
The sound of the wind past the sun
And the planets will spin
and from dust stars begin
As the milky way becomes undone

Save some time in a thimble
Whether you need it or not
Soon you will see
What time does to me and each and everybody that’s lost

Oh my sometimes it gets oh so heavy

If you ask it means you are willing to know

to move toward this place

humbled by grace to triumph where angels won’t go


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forgiven time blessed

It’s already forgiven and over
the feelings addicted and dead
deeper in debt what is left and not said
let it go let the wound heal and mend

Release if just for a moment
we always live inside of this day
yet the future and past
combine first and the last
and each derivation that stays

what is free and born into forever
an individual inside of itself
I am more than you see beyond flesh and the breeze
is the part completely forgiven time blessed

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I wish I would of remembered it’s over
It happened so long ago now
But as each day has passed
I forgot it don’t last
And I knew that before it began
I relax and breathe in chaos’s fury
Cheerleading as time drifts away
Is it true what I see that what happened to me and all of God’s children that crashed
I fell down and lived under the surface in a prism below the darkest seas
Here what I know the thorns come and go
But I will love you until we both see

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Connect the dots
Can you see it?
Rolled out like a new thought it’s not
But no thing is new
In a world made of glue
Can’t find love or bring hope
At a cost
Do you see some light in this tunnel?
When all you hear is broken and bruised
Systematially goes to break all of your bones if you disagree with the new words we drew
Go on and write a new chapter if you survive the battles and  booze
A conversation will start to preserve what we lost when it’s the book not the cover you choose

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Where in the world is this going?
Where in the world is this wind?
That blows from the hearts of all that we lost
And in time tries to rebuild and remend

It all fell down from the surface
In our face so everyone sees
What you do to yourself and everyone else
In the end we all lose
We all win

Cemented in time can you see it?
When everyone pulls back the veil on the shelf
One day we all see
What you are saying to me
You are really just telling yourself

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what stays in time and reflects a pathway to heaven
what I hear what I see what I feel that is separate from me
is it pleasure or pain perceived through a lens that enables
a line in a song that revealed so much more than I see

I look at my feet and see the shoes of a warrior
I go to the gym every day to release the upset in me
see life as it is appearing to be as external
when in fact it’s been set up to be internally seen

the home of forgiveness has chosen a moment when you see it
like a trail down a path where the breeze is so warm like the sea
and the moments you find when your heart just unwinds and you feel it
it takes time to learn the notes of the song that you’ll be

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Please just hold me a moment
In the time it took to make one out of two
And the seconds berween and all of your dreams
In the end let go of all that we knew
I hear the birds in the silence
Right before the dawn of sunlight you see
Please hear me my friend
I am sorry can we mend the part
Where you are me and I am you

I spoke too soon out of fury
In a moment took back from a scene
The mistakes that I made
That helped point to a way
That woke me up from this dream

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If words are the bricks to your story
Beholding the things that were meant
Could we stop for just this
The moments we spent
and in silence
realize what we sent
We pick each piece of the puzzle
Raise our hands for the role in the play
Decide what you wish
Remember just this in the end
Only your love is what stays
I walked down the street to the river
And I sang that stupid that we made
And I smiled complete knowing down to my feet
I’m just happy you picked me
If just for one day
The sticks all in time
Turns to embers
Combined in the fire they made
The passion it seems apart from the dream
Of the greatest love story time made

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classroom Z

Invent with your mind a bold story
of all the people you knew
and all for a play that divided the day
and the night in between was the clue

Appear with the fragments of angels
with wings could in mystery last
Upon a cold stage where reality plays
and here makes your seat for the class

breaks here right on the border
what happens when one becomes three
I’ll look past the world and all the tall tales
of why there’s a you and a me

the letters like words are sequential
like truth as the dominoes crash
all to be revealed when you are ready and real
and the keys to eternity passed

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the clouds

I looked up to the clouds just to ask you
not presume to remind that I may never know why
and for this we all wait change your roles and your fates
the serial adventures exist until we are tired

at night lay my head on a pillow
shut my eyes so tomorrow could see
all the ways that we go
escaping what time knows
that all roads end the same
can’t you see?

so what is the point of an ending
to begin what the present will be
on the level of form you transcend
the part where you die then are born
and live in the gap in the shadow between everything

so bright is the memory of heaven
when you see you are just in a school
we all are in grace just the part or the state
where the vale disappears and forgives all you knew

you were with me where whispers remember
held your hand kissed your lips touched your face
what time will create was the part where we taste
the separation where you end and I begin

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Joy’s Climb

If we Quit trying to tell any person
What I am and what I’m supposed to beleive
For the country or state or maybe your new date
Do unto others as you would to all things

What if all you see turns into nothing
Impermanence under the sun
A clear here divide a collision in time driven by a rhythm and rhyme

A deadline is set in forever
A moment without seconds divide
Remember just this
More than memories have kissed
A respot in joy’s beautiful climb

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Life’s gym

One is sun
Two is shoe
Three is tree
4 is door
5 is hive
6 is styx
7 is heaven
8 is gate
9 is line
10 is zen
The world gets crazier by the moment
Don’t blink now you won’t even see
But at night when you dream just like all living things
You create tommorow with me
8 billion shattered glass pieces
All from one sheet of glass
That broke into time
divided the y’s and x walked into the scene
23 and me ain’t even started
To unpack dualities dream
A moment in time when a fractal provides every possible sequence you breathe
Behold with your eyes what you wanted
Hear with your ears what songs mean
If this is so real then why does it change from seconds to infinity
I woke up this morning
And saw it
a vision that I can beleive
A story through time
Like a nursery rhyme
Can point you to what learning could be
Visit your friend that’s in crisis
Lend a hand to all folks while you can
I work in life’s gym
And help with the plan
in the sweat of creation’s bold dream

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In God’s heart

For whatever its worth
I am sorry
that i became such a fool
A pathetic display of shame thrown away and somehow directed at you
Whatever it seems that upsets us
In spite of the world that i see
I picked every part every cry from the heart somehow time in it’s wisdom sets you free
I know within words points a story
Like a bold attempt from the start
In between what times sees unpacks
All our dreams and lays them gently
in the hands and the feet of God’s heart

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where stones grow

where is the victory you are trying
to find in the world that you see
at the same time you blame all that has came
in time before a you or a me
I guess it all makes it simple
till you ask if you’re happy or right
what if all that we do to the world that we knew
was a classroom to forgive this whole fight

to live inside of a body a mask you hold over yourself
each role that you pick remember just this
you are doing this unto yourself
you wake up in time to remember
your part your place in the play
a choice to see it again my beautiful friend
what you do to others is what you do to yourself

where stones grow there’s a trail to forever
before and after the wrong and the right
and the visions you see just like a warm breeze
in your dreams from the day and the night

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love’s puzzle

I went down to a park in the city
I laid down on my back in the grass
looked up at the sky God do you know why
we blame others for each piece and each pass?

I can’t say we didn’t see it
We grew up in this body since birth
each of us lost beaten down at what cost
crucify you so you won’t crucify me?

Oh my this is nothing but stupid
what do we see but a reflection on TV
addicted to rage  was every second made to drive
a wedge between you between me?

invented to keep chaos busy
if the hate is in you it can’t be in me
we’ve seen the same play just change parts and change
the moral high ground littered with thieves

the guilt is the hole in your pocket
sticks and stones break your bones and your teeth
but the words that you say are apparently made
to judge forever when that is impossible
can’t you see?

whatever is done it is over
leave it there and learn what’s to be
in time it was made in each and every play
is the part when Love’s puzzle saves each part and each piece

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the theater of the moon and the sun

I won’t give up trying to tell you
can’t make sense of what can’t be done
and presence will heal and your thoughts will congeal
in the theater of the moon and the sun

Between all the layers of dreaming
convinced what you see somehow lasts
hold on what you will a perishable thrill
giving life to your gripes from the past

Let it go there is a reason it matters
everyone in this life walks the same path
the thorns like a rose in a body that goes
back to dust where it came from and that

watching vice versa continue
appearing in all things that we see
the yin and the yang the hunger and pain
got attached to all living things

behind what the curtain calls matter
there is a field of fiction we built
like a really bad show there’s this part where you know
everyone here is joined at the hips

if the ego peopled the future
the present,each moment that’s past
hurdled into the truth every step every tooth
exchanged for something that’s real and will last

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You wake up one morning it’s over
all that you said and you done
the fork in the road or the place you let go
like each planet gets burned by the sun

In time each one gets to know it
The wish everybody could be
but the eyes that we have and the ears only grab
and project what you wanted to see

I stop and breathe in for a moment
there is nothing that has to be
God must have a plan for this vagabond band
of hippies free falling like me

it all comes up to the surface
so everybody can see
what you do to yourself and everyone else
in the end all goes back to the sea

there each wave has its’ thunder
falls in the wake we call time
and do it again until all in time mends
like that hippy that smiling reminds

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january 17

I just wanted to say that I miss you
and thank you for all that you done
I was old yet naïve and fell to my knees
because you were my moon and my sun

In time I wrote a new letter
I guess I sent to myself
because you no longer are here and after the tears
I decided to help folks with health

so I became me a trainer
I fixed what I had become
and shared with my friends
how this body can mend
and see what really is fun

my treasure here is my body
what I give I give to myself
what is already done here under the sun
here are the cards that we dealt

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let it go

You can do anything to be happy
endowing all that will come into light
a productive device any day any night
the only defense to sets you free

the meek shall inherit what is left here
because they don’t got to fight
I laid down my sword and forgot what its’ for
I’d rather be happy than right

the past is the future repeated
what is to come has already past
think how’d that change the world that became
a perpetual correction at last

accept what has already happened
the thoughts that I think that I see
preoccupied with a past that has died
let it go
let it pass
let it be

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Dream #8

I had to give up – it’s not working
in fact it is killing me too
the judgement you call like it matters at all
somehow just dissolves when the memory of forgiveness comes through

there seems to be some type of connection
in one and then all that we see
the construct fades fast when you fall on your ass
like we all will when time gets the ephemeral me

the cosmos fragment into people
like leaves attached to a tree
a start and an end both historically end
with implosion theory reaching its’ peak

the choice is split into pieces
between you and the big world we see
the system intact enmeshed in different facts
until you see we all have the same # 8 dream

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the love/hate scarcity dream

You ain’t never gonna find peace that way child
I know you are in a lifetime you share that is tired and old
seen the same old shit since Adam and Eve fell down
presented this quagmire and took the bone

The melody that turns from sad to happy
the same one that turns from happy to sad
I’ll sing you a song from dusk until dawn
learn and live from the good and the bad

I know we got our tastes and opinions
daylight in resplendence will speak
the string arrangements work out the rhythm
and in a few bars the drums beat

You know this all plays out alongside music
it could not happen without the songs that you sing
to lay out a field of consciousness here
in between each of the laughs and the screams

what envelops a drop in an ocean?
surrounds you as you swim in the sea
what you hear with your ears
is a world of beauty and fear
In the love/hate scarcity dream


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what makes you happy?

What I see with my eyes is the story
here in a play long before me
with a start and an end
in between you transcend
all that I thought it could be

You get so caught up you remember
each outcome all the same
this whole world that we built
when pride replaced sense
along with envy, sloth, gluttony and greed

what sort of response makes you happy?
to walk with the sun in your eyes
at the beach for sun’s dawn
watch it set till it’s gone
the whole shell you put on
just melted away

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Bless You All

If words mean little or nothing
then why am I here on this page?
to learn like we do the path that I knew
somehow it just all slides away

to take 5 minutes to listen
before I dive into this day
my thoughts don’t react looked as compassion at last
the good and the bad all had their place

whatever has past had its purpose
lift me up above all we made
the wires got crossed I’m sorry for all that got lost
I choose to bless you than judge you today

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It’s not a thing a place or a person
not a mountain a beach or a cave
not a form it won’t fit
what you have is what you get
somewhere in between
your birth a life and a grave

The dreams we try to remember
nothing but time could ever replace
underneath each disguise
behind each face you can’t hide
it’s just love it takes time
in finding its’ way

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Make your way

the billions of people around us
all on a march onto death
senses a loss of all plus your friends
and then again a mass hypnosis no more yet no less

there must be more than this steeple
that points to a sky and a place
the shadows in your mind the dark and unkind
wells up to the presence of grace

the unreality of the process
in specifics all roads end the same
this sadness appeals in a such a world
and so began the crying that came

I finally gave my self permission
releasing the projections I made
the angels will laugh as you fall on your ass
and make your way back on home

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the dogma police

you better believe what we tell you
if you don’t you’ll get thrown in a fire
or we’ll stone you with rocks
mean words and some knocks just to make sure you expire

don’t look at the hate you inspire
to wish death upon somebody else
what the hell do you think happens to everyone and everything
when you realize what you do – you do to yourself

the thread we live is quite fragile
the gifts you give you give to yourself
we all make mistakes and fall on our face
now its time to let it go – forgive you and everyone else

treat yourself like your sister or brother
which includes not screaming at me
if you can’t be here and be nice take your beliefs and fake smiles
history is really tired of the dogma police

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Addiction is isolation

Living to die
but dying to live
sixty thousand Dead
in the space of a year

they all picked their poison
the choice that they made
a permanent solution
for a temporary mistake

complete release from all doubt and fear
or a moment of bliss for a life lived in terror
in the time that it takes for you to get fixed
I let go and let God and I wrote down a list

Now I lay me down to sleep
thank you God for the day I kissed
to see the sunshine the clouds or the rain
I know there is fear and suffering and pain

In spite of it all
I see why you do
forgive this old world
and all that we knew

that nothing or no one could possibly be
a replacement for love in all that we see
and all of the people the women and men
show the rest of the world what they might of said

We lay down nobody
to give this old world
the dust that God gave us for a moment to twirl
and make up together a world we called home
to save us from the world called alone

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Can you imagine if we all stopped the fighting
who is wrong and who here is right
the forecast persists that in all of this
a solution still will provide

I can’t see into the future
aware of what these eyes see
but I know the brass tacks that none of that
could stop the river running into the sea

unravel utilities story
it points in two different ways
what nature does is simply unplug
the blueprint for tomorrow today

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Before anything or anybody
Before everything and nothing left
here what was started and came to a head
whatever has happened to this mess

Go ahead and tell me it matters
all that we said and we could
I hold out my hand whatever the plan
but if we both stopped blaming — we should

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the world we made

please forgive me for thinking
somehow things are different for you
what my eyes couldn’t see
and my ears would agree
that we all made the world and we knew

Right smack dab in the middle
before the separate plays
cohesion in fact tied like knots to your back
all the times I felt alone and afraid

You do not walk alone there’s an angel
near and far and in every way
surrounded by chance navigates its own dance
together in the world that we made

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LM Mind

Where in the world is the answer?
How could it be just in the wind?
Not a person or place is exempt from this fate
In the end we all lose we all win

We live here in a body
a device we made in our mind
A perception device
that is naughty and nice
one foot in forever and one foot in time

Recalling it all gets so hazy
Unchanging comprehended as rhymes
A bundle of thoughts in a body
The logistical Magical Mind

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the world as a collective dreaming
the events streaming the parade of thoughts
its hot and its cold
its meek and its bold still careening
through the needs and requests and desires of whatever we lost
do you believe that good or bad things here last forever?
an expectation that drops your jaw and your heart
I know at the end somehow and someway comes together
remains hopeful in word and deed at whatever the cost

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When I get there

When I get there…
I’ll let you know how.
It all starts from sweat
and then turns to dust.

The beauty and hate
and all the world’s grace-
has its’ place now.
Upon the altar of safety
that no money could bust

Not one thing will last inside of this world. So why does it matter?
It matters because it’s our classroom and its all that we got.
Between you and me can’t you see in the end beyond silence;
is a tick in time that reveals that nothing was lost

Awake to the morning transforming your mind will remember
the pieces just fit no matter how much you fight or you fuss
between you and me from the start to the end was a mirror
reflecting redemption and knowledge of whatever you trust

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the ditch diggers

go on pretend you don’t see us
we just get thrown in a bin
you can keep our jump suits
our bones and our boots
there is more here and in time all will mend

we came if just to uncover
and leave it all here in the ground
come back on timed dates
to remember a place that was beauty
and resplendent in sound

upon a foundation of knowledge
that points or pulls to some truth
in time you will see that nothing could be
a replacement for the follies of youth

we dig tirelessly until tomorrow
in hopes of a better today
and together we try for others in time
for ourselves and the others that stayed

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waking dreams

there is a book in a corner
in a room of a library there
and the method mistakes
that everyone makes
gets you ready for the sin, guilt and fear

the test is not if you get what you wanted
and arrived here with so many mistakes
but to fall in the dust
take your licks and get up
and push on anyhow anyway

If all turns to heaven and hell then
and all the spots in between
I remember a dream if could change anything
all the memories you start to recall

Include in my prayer is my brother
and sisters as we fall across time
if in truth we are one unaware and undone
shrink the gap from where we come from

if love and fear are your choices
each wish – one to sleep – two to dream
a fulfillment in fact what comes out will come back
whether you are awake or asleep

there is a book in the corner
the words no longer just things
a decision in time to just change my mind
and wake up from my waking dreams

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The world we all made

I walked out of a time and a place on street in a city
For the last time I left a thin chance of a dream I might find
I left in that place
seperate parts- seperate place
but continued
To remember the song that we sang if just for a while

I breath in the air it’s crisp cold and bares all the words left
I wish I could-
but now I can somehow replace
I just wanted to thank you for sharing the lessons we learn here
That somehow and someway let’s go
Of the world we all made

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The sword made of sand

Relax and review what time will undo and in presence will sequentially see

I see a tea cup on the table
It seems to be sentinent with me
and inside of that cup of molecular muck is a kingdom
In time what everyone was waiting to see

Rearrange your thoughts for a moment
What if all your eyes see
Was a video game where the players arrange what they really wanted to be?

I see my life through a body
A device with five senses in time
Each one keenly fits in my mind
Like a fish swimming to the rivers that rhyme

It all gurgles up to the surface
To show what futility gets
You can pound all the sand that this world understands until each grain will finally rest

I bring in my hand the sword made of sand called forgiveness
It weilds with it’s blow a powerful gate
Let’s go of the past
What is done and gone is forgiven
And steps into the presence of Love and of Hope and of Faith

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nothing more

You see but the memory of freedom
so completely an exchange of a view
but that’s what times for and nothing more
To transcend and recall what we knew

The day has come when for millions
the function and fate of this world
put up on a screen and inevitably seen
and sold like the whole thing is real

In one plot it’s always a savior
that is pulled from the past to today
and the future is grim unless she or him
makes you a part of their play

the other is always those people
because they just don’t understand
the choice is the same despite of your claim
to impugn the others’ that failed

no one is immune from heaven
in spite of what story they tell
if it all ends in dust and I’m just bones and butt
I love you and that’s all I got to say

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There is nothing you can do to avoid it
the choice between what you suddenly see
the course that we drew
For all the dumb things we do
runaway from the world we believed
it all in time serves a purpose
just a detour like the contours we leave
a day in your life
lifted up from the fight
and gently hurled into reality

  1. I walked in the woods today in hopes I might see you
  2. an oasis in the comedy of schemes
  3. and tears that I cried all the laughs and the sighs
  4. helped me to realize this world is not what it seems
  5. if nothing in time lasts forever not my body my thoughts or my words
  6. just a hint of a song a melody that goes on
  7. in spite of the world you can’t hold






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on the back of a page

There is a book in the corner
In a room of a school left for me
And the story it tells of a kid
trapped in hell but can see heaven
through the pages and seams
Breathe through the boots of my body
I am running out to the sea
I dive into the waves
Into the blue not afraid
Of anyone or anything
Release with these words for my profit
In a note on the back of a page
A treasure I will find
Inside days and this mind
That was just dreaming up the words for this play

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Close my eyes feel a tear across my eyelids
Warm and wet rolls down the side of my cheek
What I once had thought to be just a world made of sand
Walked the edges of time with these feet

Beyond what we call a tomorrow
A decision made right here when you breathe
Pull the past from a book to the present
And it all falls into the sea

Once upon now is the moment
Your eyes decided to see
What my ears hear besides
As I am passing through time
Will reveal what I’m supposed to be

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Here it feels more like grey mortar
To concretize what fear itself made
What the hell did i do?
To deserve ridicule because my world does not tick to your tastes
Pretend it is all just a magnet to what you attract to yourself
So let me get this straight
There is no one or no fate
That does not feel both sides of the play
In one you are everyone’s hero
The other what everyone hates
Attach with this key
All undone and retreived
From a time when all was OK
Can’t you see that the world is a mirror?
Born in silence rolled out accross space
When you live in my shoes
You can see and tell me what to do
But until then
I will love you anyway

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Everyone will get home

To every person there is a season
set into entry the systems’ owned cause
you start to review all the things you been through
what becomes everything and nothing at all

You see the deceit and the standard
that changes to get lunacy’s way
in time all comes true not a thing you can do
because truth has laid out all since eden’s play

If every mean becomes the standard
because no one means nothing at all
go ahead and just scream blame shame and fear projected at people and things
forgive your own part in it all

we all get our place at the paper
to write down in every way
accept and review what time eventually will do
because everyone will get home one fine day

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1 and not 3

Good Luck with your search for tomorrow
It is written even though you can’t see
you can take all the time and scenes and the lines
and in the end what turns a spark to a flame?

We make up a song with a story
like the seconds the moments divide
I walked down the trail to the woods where I fell
and there I found what no thing can find

We made up a place and a station
a mystery shrouds perception and taste
I dreamed of a time when we travelled across time
to a nation we plugin in space

I dreamed of a world of tomorrow
it is closer than my eyes could see
invent your own song and in time won’t be long
when NOW the past and the present are 1 and not 3

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Listen today and you will hear a silence
Welcome a guidance that reconciles what will be
Forgive and amend what happened in sorrow and sadness
Recognize more than any fence could mend or possibly retrieve
More than fickle fools flowing in a river of kindness
Nothing holds back what is meant to be
A love so sincere and authentic
Clears the mist to the blocks of the fountain of faith in me

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remind me

I sat down to a blank piece of paper
let words meander with thought

not one thing released without discerning at least
my feet and hands are part of a cost

I look at the world from the lens of a body
careening and falling through time

a perception device sees the naughty and nice
perceived as separate lives

I’m sure we are more than a body that appears and dwindles in time
a vessel perhaps that is used to distract the moment the seconds divide

I project and receive what has happened
already determined in time
the planets will spin and return once again
to remind you
this is what you will find

there is nothing you get to hold onto
that my hands and body will need

there is love
there is fear

in between
it won’t care
pick one and the other will leave



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leaving the land of make beleive

I am climbing up a steep hillside
the leaves and trees cover my tears
the wind blows right here and not even a care
as I feel my lungs filled with air

Thanks in case I don’t get it
but I heard it in every song
every poem every play every story was made
to release me from whatever went wrong

I know when words find their meaning
like the first time I walked in this place
renewed and refreshed I let go of the rest
found my time here with what’s given in space

I see the top of the mountain
the trail is covered in rocks
cut down to the earth in the granite
what I found here can never be lost

If time in fact is a river
we all will meet at the sea
every lesson is learned
every ash to be burned
leaving the land of make believe

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