karma’s not home and you want to know why?

karma’s not home and you want to know why?

the cards are arranged by a ship in the sky

and at night while you sleep but awake in your dreams

you get visits by symbols that plan everything

they set up the people you run into by chance

and you think it is just a menagerie dance?

I’ll tell you my friend from what we can see

our fates are intwined like the moon and the sea

and the tunings that occur at eleven and seven

will awake the descendants that fell from the heavens

and after the TV’s are done with their song

we pick up from here and it won’t be long

the signal was sent the message received

connection to essence is coming to be

there is no existence outside of the song 

it’s neither right it’s neither wrong

It’s just the way this thing seems to be

inside of your mind you have everything.

Last session of symbols was like pictures on a very geometrically based fast moving 360 degree screen.
It would seem your awareness is a dot and in the middle of this was a very instructive classroom.
There are other’s there , I just can’t completely focus in on their atoms ; or their very quickly moving evolutions of expression, this bio-sphere of DNA is interactive, or this database is and from what I can gleen it’s not like a library.
It seems , somehow, to scan your arrangement from a frequency level and a sentinent dissection of the data occurs.
From there it seems like a specific instructive musical download occurs. 
Not with symbols I would of picked or had a awareness of.
I would of probably picked something I had an awareness of , like something in a book or a movie , but these objects and entities that are fluid and completely foreign to my mind’s eye of a consciousness trying to acknowledge my communicative awareness, are of a sentinent consciousness and yearning to communicate this coherent symphonious informational  database. There seems to be a sense of urgency, I am not sure why, but words seem very incomplete now. The new language seems to be more of a resplendent 3d musical-mathmatical formula. There is an incarnate musical rhythm to everything and a melodic buzzing of sorts that I can’t really hear but somehow can see.
It’s like I am in an ocean and there is a written musical language of math and geometry figures I have never seen dancing for the first time in a
timeless independant unfolding of richly colored flowers that have never occurred before and will never occur again in this unfolding symphony of incarnation. 
It is like a fabric and all of time and all of things that have occured and they are all here. 
But, where is here?

There is a palpable shift from horizontal to vertical out of the space/time continuum. We are always just barely touching on the edge of this vertical con-current eternal reality, hence the awareness of it’s presence in all of  time’s musical 5 string coding incarnations.

There is an evolution occurring here too and each and everyone of us is a notation in this the greatest love story and grandest symphony ever composed.

Stay tuned…more music 2 come


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