What is 5 string banjo and who is the Qualia Foundation?

5 string theory and the qualia foundation

5 string banjo and the qualia foundation

5 string banjo is an exploration of
the notion of Adam’s seperated ego’s image of the trinity with the additional components of all that is seen and all that is unseen. The illusion is the spiritual, physical and mental
components of a human being appearing attached to that being but really being projected outside of you. You are the hero in your own play. Of course, it is incredibly heroic. The other two strings on the banjo are of a linked dimensional coding sequence and best described as “the seen” which has a horizontal or linear dynamic and ”the unseen” which has a vertical or cyclical dynamic. When “the seen” a one dimensional human genome merges within an “unseen” musical sequence and is intertwined within the convergence of all geometric points referred to as the axis or the place we call home and what is currently occurring is the result or consequence. The linear or horizontal sequence is similar to a point moving out from the center of a circle to an end point or vanishing point. This is what we call linear Time. This is where people, places and things intersect with circumstances and events creating what is called history or our collective “past”. The cyclical or vertical sequence is similar to a series of vertices that lie on a circle dimensionally and appear to be located outside of the vanishing point. The vertical dimension is the place we are always just touching upon. It is similar to your understanding of infinity. This dimension is timeless, in that it is always NOW. Because it’s never Not- Now. These dimensions I contend are also attached at the points of convergence through a bio-network of interactive strings of light.  There appears to be a photon exchange occurring or what might be better termed a light transfer through a series of interconnected strings made up of pure light. Light is energy is love is knowledge is information is coherent instructive data. Music is an expression and evolution of light.
It appears we are experiencing an expression of a cyclical exchange of light with different musical sequences or different vibrational coding for a specific notation in an arrangement of a symphony or song that has an experiential and intuitive-instructive lesson contained within; essentially, the con-current vibrational symphony or soundtrack of the universe as it is being played. “Because it is already the most beautiful song ever known and you wrote it. So, get ready for a carnival ride like you rode as a child. Forget everything you know and take this 5 string and 7 notes and you will find your way home” was all The Qualia Foundation would say. I know they live far away but right next to me and if I call them I will hear the song of , from and for my soul.

Within the human genome lies a coherent text that intersects with and is inexorably linked to the song that is the convergence and axis point we call home and has been since the dawn of creation. This symphonious sentinent song or S3 placed us inside this galaxy in this place and time and based upon the notational characteristic of your specific arrangement S3 creates the physical and mental traits that make us who we are. S3 is composed of 7 notes (soul images) that when arranged within the context of what is referred to as the “octave of 8 ” or “octave of infinity(lemniscate)” complete an access portal to the next vertices. These vertices unfold into an emergent spiraling progressive subordination of ascending notes, witnessing an oscillating thought system from a lower to a higher order.

Science has unlocked within one string components of our personality–it has certainly linked disease ,cognitive function and behavior.
My assertion is that within these 5 strings ,not only, is the color of your eyes chosen so are the people, places, things, circumstances and events that we perceive as chance, circumstance or synchronicity. What if I could see more clearly and work along with the song and step out of the orchestra box, so to speak? How could I re tune my receiver wavelength to see this broader spectrum of the photon gamma light-range? That is when the Qualia Foundation made me aware of becoming aware to Channel Z where they play their song in an octave of infinity.


What if the puzzle was part of the cost and none of the pieces ever get lost?

The 5 strings are the convergence of the trinity and the horizontal and vertical (seen and unseen) components of the space/time continuum.  Take a pencil, place it on the ground. At one end is an eraser. At the other end the part that can write. The middle is a long yellow tube. Let’s say, your life starts at the eraser part and ends at the tip, on the other end.  All the places in the middle can be particular events, places ,circumstances and intersections in linear time. Now, turn the pencil so that it points directly at you so that you are looking down one end, the eraser or the other, the part that writes.  That is Now.  That is the part that we are always in.  The yellow tube of the receiver wavelength is all we see and that is why you can only see the past. And as the story goes the pencil might win if it were not for the part that writes and transduces 26 symbols into a song remembered. Are you erasing or writing into S3 or this book of the song called “love”?  Are you giving or taking?  That is your part.

The Qualia Foundation relate through the mechanism of re-tuning to correct any error within S3. QF would be perceived as what you would refer to as similar to a ‘soul group’ . QF’s form is perceived as 7 ascending notes portrayed as soul images that reside in the vertical dimension bereft of linear time and interact as the conduit from the vertical to the horizontal linear dimension for what appears to be a specific learning purpose.


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