Channel Z

At 13 I installed my first of a few thousand TV antennas. There, high atop the roofs in Washington, DC; I spent the better part of a decade looking up at the skies, wondering what was really occurring within the range of all possible outcomes or possibilities linked to those specific gamma radiation waves. I was amazed how a piece of aluminum foil could limit the size of its’ universe, so to speak, to unfold into a spectrum of infinite and continuous possibilities and emerge into an entire world of incredible dimensions on a 2d TV screen.  Now, we work with an intuitive-aware  technology and that wavelength of information is unfolding at an evolutionary rate . If a peice of aluminum foil can transform civilization, as we know it, what incredible antennas we have in this thing we call the consciousness buffet that is incarnate to your current jumpsuit. Until you are ready for the fantastic voyage that plays on Channel Z come with me and leave your cares and worries at the door till you leave. They will be there waiting for you if you want them to continue to play on your screen.

Con-currently with our technology. an evolution is occurring  all around us, but at the same time a profound disconnect with nature which, we know from the story, will have the final laugh. Transformation is a process of re-birth. That is what is occurring. The collapse of one vertices to another happens within an event process.

With a specific beginning, middle and end.

We are being retuned to a new station. Welcome to banjo zen.

The event horizon is all things
that move forward from the moment of the
convergence. The convergence is the intersection
of two or more coherent focused beams of light that are directed from one place to another for a specific purpose or intention. The intersection is the vertices or focus point and is your receiver wavelength. The non-locality is the area that surrounds the vertices ; it is , also, connected to the events within that convergence.

That is the reason why you can only see the past , rooted in time and perceived as meaning and is similar to your understanding of a song remembered. It is like music. It is a Song.
If the radio that is playing the music fails-does the music continue playing?

You are part of the song and whether you like it or not the music goes on.

What channel are you tuned into? Your thoughts become the station you play.

The receiver wavelength is similar to your understanding of a consciousness buffet.

The only thing I have possession of is the thoughts on my own TV screen.

Channel Z is what I’m tuned in2

with infinite possibilities.


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