Revelation-the download

The only problem with revelation on demand and in chemical thimbles is it negates the duality of the experiential ordeal required for the song to make sense, so to speak.

It is like saying to the universe-I want all the information of truth and knowledge and ,by the way ,would like to experience bliss in the interim- At some point I realized it was  just cheap grace-I actually had to walk up the mountain, there was no elevator.

All roads lead to spiritual experience as long as there is no hierarchy or levels between you and the source. The source is not outside of you. In being you get tired of rabbit holes and ego maniacal detours and realizing that we all have a front row seat to the brightest lights and biggest whistles moment in the history of the world it is Time.

It is a moment but it comes like a thief in the night. So, don’t look for a date because it is outside of linear time.

In the interim I found for me being involved in a life affirming way in others lives is a great fit. Some problems need to be in the conscious awareness to be fixed. I found a progressive realization of my ideal life in helping others’ get healthier and happier -one workout at a time. And somewhere along the way-I received what I gave. I realized that my childhood experience of play was my manifest destiny and a return to the physicality of this wonderful gift the human body was the revelation. To take possession of your body and your thoughts and your mind and direct them to your worthy ideal.

The world had taken everything I thought I possessed-when all along I possessed nothing but my experience of this awakening.

Revelation-the download

Go through that door and forget all you know

Love is all I remember

-my Soul


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