Forgive everyone for everything ’cause everyone gets Home

Forgive everyone for everything
is the voice that I heard from the back of my brain
When I forgive you I forgive myself I don’t need to learn this lesson from outer space

I turned to tomorrow and tried to recall
what was the reason why we had to fall
I was tired of pulling the past into now and ruining the moment from
mistakes I had found
and cradled and nurtured since the dawn of time
to make me remember I had to decide

and turn to the people that I tried to blame for keeping me locked here in a place called insane

I forgive everyone for everything

there is nothing left here for me to sing

remember the love that knows of your pain and would never leave you in a place called insane

remember the love that knows of your soul and would never leave you here all alone

Let go of your *stuff and throw it away

and your vision can not but return one fine day

remember eternity/forever/limiltless/your mind is always happening and can not be circumvented by space/time/limited/your 3-D jumpsuit fruit nursery rhyme

…and will remind Y-O-U

mar gheall ar I picked it-the special ,seperate, and additionally the only one in the garden I wasn’t supposed to mess with-the duality stuff-good and evil- the fruit part remember-I think I remember some part about- it withers and then dies?

There are no wax apples on the other side

Forgive everyone for everything ’cause everyone gets Home

it’s not the snake or the fruit it’s the tree that decides

and what LOVE created can not be destroyed

and each of the seeds gets back through the floor

and like a ladder you climb back up the tree until no thing is left un-done blocking love’s awareness between you and me

effect can not leave cause

no matter how hard you try

and we are just the resisitance in between opposing sides

so pick up your banjo and go out and dance

the world and its’ children all get another chance!

*stuff=(grudges,resentments,hate,anxiety,un-ease,dis-ease-the world is happening to me-not from me or a reversal of the palpable sense of inferiority or superiority to any other piece of the puzzle. i.e. ego projection :news flash-they are us)


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