Love in the end wins the show

Salvation and Damnation have the same underlying fault
They both subscribe to -there must be some cost
a tremendous investment has been made by the mind
to keep us fearful and grieving concealed in a rhyme
The bodies own purpose a device of the mind
it appears to prove seperation and division in a puzzle called time
You think to yourself -did we decide to get lost?
divide into a zillion then return back to one through some infinite cost
unhappy in pain and divine in joy’s reign
the semblance of meaning inside pleasure and pain
is the head of the hammer that unlocks your brain
The martyrs the prophets the persecuted and despised
are all just projections inside of your mind
You act out your play and make a seperate heaven and then all the king’s horses all the king’s men could not put perfection back together again
and when you return from whence you were start
the world and its’ pictures will all fall apart.
You see we have some thing called love with infinite patience
and all that love is not is called every station
but we never left home is all that love said
you see in the end there is nothing called dead
We are a zillion broken pieces of the same fragmented mind

that live in two gardens inside of a rhyme

One is called Eden the other called Fear

That’s why our hearts’ tell us to be of good cheer
because we have two buttons inside of this mind

One kicks and screams for need that is blind

The other one knows that nothing and no one remains inside time

be gracious and kind till the end of the world

Love will wait patiently here and all that entails

Remember when lost we always end up back home

and that only Love in the end Wins the show


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