The merry go round “dualities play”

Within the Eden state there was no fear-lack and scarcity had not yet appeared

eternal ,unambiguous and limitless not i-m-permanent ,ridiculous and limited

Within the post-Eden state or circle of duality and i-m-permanence the fear you will experience is perceived as denial
all that love is not continually turns and repeats in a fire

all the “stories” after Eden are the story of *jive
the notion of opposing patterns can aptly describe
             the merry go round that we wrote down from the rhyme

 go down every highway and look under each stone
do you really think we are man and wo-(mb)- man hiding in a garden all alone?

and that only one body could possibly pay and the rest get to suffer and like dust blow away?

look at
fight in the battle or the win in the play and when you look back they don’t mean a thing
The “I ” that is living inside of this play
is like a seperate piece of fruit from a mind run away
the joke is that you think it will end if you win the war or lose the battle you’re in 
Then return to play the opposite part that becomes the resistance and that was you at the start
everyone comes home or everyone stays
we figure it out when we’re done with the play

You see I am you and you are me we take seperate turns at a run to be free

and then turn around because we can not run away from the cause that has made the effect- we call dualities play

Ashes to ashes -dust to dust

don’t tell you don’t give a fuk

and when love gets home

we’ll all gonna smile and say————– it was just “dualities play”

return to the love that you know in your heart

return to the love that was there from the start

return all your toys for they all go away

and in the end it is only your LOVE that will stay

*jive=Some Dude named God created man in his own image and man returned the favor and created a wrathful, jealous and hateful supreme being who condemned us to suffer , die and if you are lucky get buried with extra special winner people who invented a religion called judgementalism that is all about earthly abundance. 

That’s jive! 


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