the song

Born for a journey that tries to forgive
all of the teachers that called out in sin
if nothing is broken then nothing gets fixed
the nights of the lonely the nights of the sick
serenity calls you but not far away
and holds safe in time a poem that you made
protected from evil and all that went wrong

was corrected the second that you wrote the song

If times only purpose is to get us back home

and nobody here is ever alone

born of cognition to culminate thought

then this is the battle that you and I fought

look past the river and into the sky

the mountains call at you no need to ask why

this is the story set up from the start

but you can look past it where perfect love art

and here for the whisper until you make the scream

this song that you are hearing is only the dream

I will be there when you make the fall

I will be there to hear your call

I will be there until you awake

then everyone will remember our home was this place

in between moments you hear the rhyme-you know we are living inside and outside of time. If you don’t believe me look at your watch -have you noticed that it never stops?

then somehow it is always never let’s you forget that

you are missing something deprived from the list

when the seconds collide with that thought all of a sudden somebody must pay some cost

now can guess why we are all lost?

If life is a river and I am a flame

I’d gladly fall in you and have nothing remain

If all that the ego has got is a disguise

mine was as useless as the rest of you guys’

and this body-a jumpsuit that gets me from A to B and the flowers bloom like madness and there is nothing to be

bobdogkid coffee and jam


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