All the seeds will be called

What can begin

and then have an end

and then have always have been?

Meaning cannot be resolved
until the conflict attempts to be solved
acute as it feels the moment reveals
All the seeds will be called.

Surely the mind will find peace
for what is cannot be called free
the self will retain and inherit the brain
until you realize that was the snake’s deceit

when he quailed you into a limited feast
The fruit or the jumpsuit you see

is a piece from a tree
that tells you a tree-a-sure will grow
but what it don’t say
there is a cost you will pay
and that is to be a seperate

i-m-permanent piece

alone and afraid

in a world made of jade

like fruit that has fell from the tree

the frantic ego mind

will m-i-s-create a world and decide
all that has kept you from peace
but inside will remain

the answer you crave

because it was always just part of a scene

In the play we will call

“How it all gets Re-solved”

at the part where the secret mystery/sacred bullshit veil

becomes unseen

the effect and the cause

will answer when called
and then and only then will you see

there is no way you can hide

from the love in this mind

because tomorrow

 the best part of the dream

and like the fruit you will fall

on the roots of it all

 and you still have never left the tree

So, what can begin

and then have an end

and then have always have been?

It is the seed we call love

and when it all comes undone

we return to extend

the love that has called us from sleep

That being said,

there is work to be done

and you can be light

where none can be seen


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