Grateful me-The zoo

 Want to tell a story

deafened long ago

sit -stand -stay -go- deaf -dumb because I got something we all will know

something about a memory

something about time

its all made up inside your head

it returns back to this place instead

grateful me

I heard that we all get back home

grateful me

I heard there’s a way back home

grateful me

all gonna get back what is gonna makes us happy

together at the gates

you will know the way back home its beside your way

something about this memory that surpasses future and time

there will always be tomorrow  where everything is broken wine

grateful me

 I heard there’s a way back home yeah

grateful me

I heard there’s a way back home

grateful me

I’m gonna find the way back home and  you all will see

love is all there is inside ends


there is something about a bag beat

1-4-5 GO

that lives inside the memory

love is better than time

love is bigger than time

Love is bigger than time


Wrapped up in a box

and joyful in knots

you will see yourself

what words cannot help

too many to dream

the parts of a scene

that replay the note

it was all just a hoax

 and we all come to see

projected out in a dream

where nothing can last

and you’re thrown on your ass

no matter how long

weather you win or lost in the song

we all took a piece of the pie

where everything decided to die

then claims on its own

the remnants of home

inside the material, space in time

Love will call you back Home

when you are alone

and see it was you

that lived through the zoo

Robby Simpson


About Robby Simpson

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