children of time

How do I go from here and turn backwards

and correct was is already done

a thousand mistakes and turns in the road

where I wish it could all be undone

In spite of the fabulous story

and the dream we all try to create

a story was told of a love that was bold 

in a sad but somehow glorious fate

I never could do more than just love you

in my limited time in this place

and all roads the same

but somehow we remain

in the mind of whatever we make

the space that you think stands between us

is something we all will just find

forgiveness is all I hope in this world

where we all made up this long rhyme

count from here to forever

but remember it always is now

and the space that I thought that lived in my brain

was really living outside of time

watching a movie that was written in a hall that the holy replaced

and all the worlds riches and all the worlds wines

the sex of your dreams and pride’s lonely ride

the songs that we sing to and the dances we made

are all just a part of everything’s return to that place

in some parts they just call it heaven, nirvana or oneness or peace

but I think everyone knows that we all will get back home

we are children of time’s fragmented dream   



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