pit bull zoo

The world is a pit bull

now ask me why?

Be  it ebOLA  or ISIS or cancer or fire

The most popular shows on tv include murder and pain

But nobody asks if this is the subconscious death wish from the brain?

It’s all made to scare you and then runaway

the world that we’ve made isn’t as nice as it seems

I wonDer and wander where did I lose my way

am I meant to be and then fade away?

eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die

is the dirge that you sing to if you believe the great lie

that Adam left heaven and eve is to blame or some snake made us live in sin guilt and shame

And everyone is wrong or else their all right but nobody wins this stupid fight

And God is the heavy who makes all the plays

be it pestilence,  diseases or earthquakes in May

and then if you’re lucky get him on a good day

granted favor and wealth and success and pleasure and fame

I won the big game because godz on my side

The touchdown the hail mary pass it was all planned by god

But somehow this same god forgot about the kids  with cancer that die?

The hospitals are filled with this arbitrary good and bad side

Do you really think that god mAde this world?

And it was him who decided if you were a boy or a girl

I’ll buy you a vowel and save you some pain

You pick all the players including your name

And its all been set up so it looks like a game but nobody wins and the ends all the same

all roads end the same no matter how gayly they start

It would appear all the players  forgot they chose their own part

 just like an ostrich with its head in the sand

One day you just look up and then understand

god could have nothing to do with the play

there are no chosen people

we are all just the same

You see God don’t play favorites that dude was a man

who created a religion where everyone pays

in penance in pendants in paper and pain a

nd the whole thing about it

is nothing is true t

rying to make sense of a  world that is really a zoo


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