a point

There was a point were all I could do was repeat the words of a song

I would lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling and

the song I remember was slow and melodic with

even tempered beats that rolled into a perfect groove and

I could

hear your voice from far away

the siren’s hymn – life’s lonely play

how can this be-this world of jade?

where the one s you love just fade away

who would make a world so cruel where children die without clothes or food

in a mean old world in a hate filled place where

we all pretend it is A ok

well things aint cool and nothings fine

and no one here has got a dime

and the rich and famous build a circus world around

how they are victimized by a cruel cruel world

but letz just get this fucker straight

god didn’t make a world of fear and hate and

Exist in shit holes to live and die and pray for happy blue green skies

and chicks and dudes to make them whole and rub it in some tiny hole

to prove that you are good for me

in a place that is all

contingent on lack and scarcity

so we can live real safe and die quite nicely in a nursing home where the last mad parade returns you to a child’s play

welcome to what you created

welcome this we did and all saw

now we can let it go

because in truth it was nobody’s fault

we all decided to experience life outside of heaven in a play called time, mass and space

you return to where you began once you are done

with your toys and your tastes

and your special love and your special hates

and you finally realize we are all just the same in a insane world and everyone is heading to the same damn place

not around the corner or a side of a road

with a perfect job and a family home

or a coffin that holds your dust and your bones

listen my child because time will fall away

and everything is here inside of today and nothing is missing

and nothing is wrong

there is a part of you that is bigger than your body bigger than all you have ever saw

it was all created inside your mind

when we had the original fall

from the event horizon forward

it all turned into a whodunit play

where we all throw the hot potato

of guilt since we went down this road

so letz just stop for one minute before we dive back into the play

I have given everything that I see all the meaning its got

and I can take it away


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