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New eyes

I am here on the edge of the ocean My breath has been taken away On the wind swept cliffs Overwhelmed by your kiss Like the first time There are no words to say To feel like a person that … Continue reading

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The mistakes that i made Gave me a teacher Ultimately All will come true The architect stands in ruins All my dreams bumbled too As if foolishness knew I’d be waiting in a place time had planned I am in … Continue reading

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You are so much more than you think you are If you could only see through my eyes The world is too fickle to find you And these awkward days will subside The Critical Cruficy people For what they see … Continue reading

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Roses and Wine

If time was built to forever And all undone in one day If one thing is true In the words that you choose As each grain of sand wash away I told you i love you regardless Of whatever the … Continue reading

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Stations in time

Inside the minutes and moments That make up a bittersweet life The good and the bad The happy and sad The part that’s all struggle and strife I pinched my lips with my fingers Just to know that i could … Continue reading

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Body in mind

Everyone has their own treasure Everyone has their own dream Throw it all in a pile Laugh or cry with each scene I guess we are here for a minute In the hours that make up our time To fit … Continue reading

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I know my poetry is useless The form of the words that you see The origin inside of loves’ ineffable mind Solace resides and there breathes The catharsis the words try to point to The vast reflection of sorrows’ Unsung … Continue reading

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