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Lost and found

I wish I could ask you a question Wrap my head around what’s real with a smile Finally release the ironic defeat I beleived in my head for a while There are so many things that i waited to wonder … Continue reading

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Open the door

Can we open the door that was locked here before? that shines beyond light And restores my sight Despite differences heals With common ground and shared tears As we walk through the years Find our way through times’ fears Behold … Continue reading

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Everyone as Yourself

Is there a choice between peace and joy or chaos and immiment disaster? Everybody i know in this world seems to know It don’t last but goes back And that’s what we are here for Learns with pleasure and pain … Continue reading

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A process called peace

I know you didn’t mean it The hurtful words that we say I just wanted you to see That for once i did something That makes life easier for someone else for a while So i thought i would start … Continue reading

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Step 11

Forget not once that right from the start The end is certain like the will that created your heart An instant not farther than the thoughts in your mind That live and will change Like desiresĀ in time The world that … Continue reading

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Addiction is crucifiction You nail yourself to a cross Attacked and feared by everything here The only thing you trust is your loss The addicted ones are all asleep Surrounded by a world of love-liness they do not see Freedom … Continue reading

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A prayer is a phone call to heaven

Whatever ends up being your failure Or the framework that makes all turn to dust At the end of the day The endeavors we trade For some food some clothes and a hut Beyond the memories of moments Where everything … Continue reading

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All time mends

I woke to the dream of a family Built a story of a world that was Vivid bold dreams that unfold Everything and equally for everyone The house that love built Ain’t a building There are no bricks or mortar … Continue reading

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Let the chains disappear

Nobody wants to be nothing Everyone wants to be seen Benign indifference is better than hate But love is what all people need I wanted to be somebodies someone The apple in nobodies eye There is no set rule Of … Continue reading

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Seperate sleeps

I’m not really sure why i wake up at night to a phone call Pick up to the words that i hold to my head and i smile And a voice says “it’s me I just wanted to see when … Continue reading

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