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forgiven time blessed

It’s already forgiven and over the feelings addicted and dead deeper in debt what is left and not said let it go let the wound heal and mend Release if just for a moment we always live inside of this … Continue reading

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I wish I would of remembered it’s over It happened so long ago now But as each day has passed I forgot it don’t last And I knew that before it began I relax and breathe in chaos’s fury Cheerleading … Continue reading

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Connect the dots Can you see it? Rolled out like a new thought it’s not But no thing is new In a world made of glue Can’t find love or bring hope At a cost Do you see some light … Continue reading

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Where in the world is this going? Where in the world is this wind? That blows from the hearts of all that we lost And in time tries to rebuild and remend It all fell down from the surface In … Continue reading

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what stays in time and reflects a pathway to heaven what I hear what I see what I feel that is separate from me is it pleasure or pain perceived through a lens that enables a line in a song … Continue reading

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Please just hold me a moment In the time it took to make one out of two And the seconds berween and all of your dreams In the end let go of all that we knew I hear the birds … Continue reading

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If words are the bricks to your story Beholding the things that were meant Could we stop for just this The moments we spent and in silence realize what we sent We pick each piece of the puzzle Raise our … Continue reading

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