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Ms America

God bless you Ms America I know your heart is true I grew up broke the same TV A mirror see me see you The world that seems so horrible Is really my own dream That’s why it gets so … Continue reading

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the screen

I used to put up antennas so people could watch their TV’s glued to the screen a field full of dreams with every variation and theme I called to be the director direct the lines and the scenes humility wanes … Continue reading

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hell and or heaven

pick your own hell and or heaven despite your attempts,¬† what’s the view? what you see with your eyes with your ears till you cry outraged and oppressed till you’re screwed   no words can explain this worlds’ madness You … Continue reading

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nursery rhyme

Here in time no one stays bestowed upon the world we made what you see all part of you no separation between what’s inside or outside too the flood of rhymes recede and then replaced till all the words can’t … Continue reading

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The Fault finders

For this the world took a tumble Right here a fall on your face Hurlded gently in place from a body in space by a woman that everyone knew If God put a limit on madness I guess we are … Continue reading

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when you get to Eden

when will the piss and vinegar end a grievance of guilt for the shade of my skin? and all should pay for the sins of a few when the fault finders speak no one wins we all lose not one … Continue reading

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Exile lesson 182 reboot

This world you seem to live in has never been home to you. And some¬≠where in your mind above space and time you know that this fact is true. A memory of home seems to haunt you, or just a … Continue reading

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