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Love always trumps hate

What am i doing and where do i go I looked up at the sky and asked do you know? How did i get here and what does it mean Beyond space and time There are so many things Inventions … Continue reading

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The children of Peace

My yolk is the body i live in The fence and the screen of my mind The device in all uncertain conditions Will surrender to the benign indifference of time Somewhere someday in a story A window will open a … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Love

I thought i would write you a letter A poem a book and this song To right all that happened in history But now i see nothing was wrong All just a school of lessons That spreads out like the … Continue reading

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The place that was

Look gently upon the place that was That somehow became the moon, the stars and the sun The deep blue rivers that run to the sea And everyone i see Is a piece called” me” Who hasn’t been hopeless or … Continue reading

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Live and let be

I have walked in handcuffs and shackles I have seen what prisoner’s see I have lived in new orleans casino’s Been a face without hands or with feet Above you look down Thrown down on the ground To the sound … Continue reading

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New eyes

I am here on the edge of the ocean My breath has been taken away On the wind swept cliffs Overwhelmed by your kiss Like the first time There are no words to say To feel like a person that … Continue reading

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The mistakes that i made Gave me a teacher Ultimately All will come true The architect stands in ruins All my dreams bumbled too As if foolishness knew I’d be waiting in a place time had planned I am in … Continue reading

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