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waking dreams

there is a book in a corner in a room of a library there and the method mistakes that everyone makes gets you ready for the sin, guilt and fear the test is not if you get what you wanted … Continue reading

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The world we all made

I walked out of a time and a place on street in a city For the last time I left a thin chance of a dream I might find I left in that place seperate parts- seperate place but continued … Continue reading

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The sword made of sand

Relax and review what time will undo and in presence will sequentially see I see a tea cup on the table It seems to be sentinent with me and inside of that cup of molecular muck is a kingdom In … Continue reading

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Everybody that fell

I don’t have a home or a roof now My stuff fits into one bag It fits under my head Still in sleep it’s my bed Tell my body Shut my eyes and I’m fed Hold my head in my … Continue reading

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nothing more

You see but the memory of freedom so completely an exchange of a view but that’s what times for and nothing more To transcend and recall what we knew The day has come when for millions the function and fate … Continue reading

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There is nothing you can do to avoid it the choice between what you suddenly see the course that we drew For all the dumb things we do runaway from the world we believed it all in time serves a … Continue reading

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on the back of a page

There is a book in the corner In a room of a school left for me And the story it tells of a kid trapped in hell but can see heaven through the pages and seams Breathe through the boots … Continue reading

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