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the America movie

God bless you Ms America I know your heart is blue I grew up in the sixties I might be just like you I tripped and fell into a rabbit hole That my eyes and ears would see I can’t … Continue reading

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Puzzle pieces

Tell me is there really a winner? When judgement takes up all of your dimes You can make all the dollars and sense in the world But you can’t buy another second of time Remember yourself as a spirit? That … Continue reading

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Whatever has happened It’s all over now I will sit here and listen and won’t make a sound No one has to offer A reason or plea Accept in the mirror The world that I see Despite all its’ misery … Continue reading

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The healing remains

Before there was ten toes and ten fingers Before there was two ears and two eyes Once upon time a story would find your heart and ultimately your mind A tale as long as forever A song so bold and … Continue reading

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the TV mirror

There is nothing wrong with your TV Just a mirror of me and of you Stand up and applaud Seek and find restores all To whatever permits forgiveness inside you Draw near to the end of a journey Mad careers … Continue reading

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When hate falls into the sea

If i could find words to explain with All my minds’ eye seem to see If you haven’t noticed by now The past loops around and like lemmings jump into the sea Don’t pretend you don’t see it It consumes … Continue reading

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Every Tear

The body is a limit But my vehicle in time Can be afraid and yet perceive an all-inclusive unlimited mind There is a method in its madness There is a song inside this place There is an ancient melody To … Continue reading

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