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Look in my eyes and tell me You ain’t the same as me You live in this skin Pretend it don’t end Project what is outside is in The body is an outward projection from what’s going on from within … Continue reading

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A thousand letters

I wrote you a thousand letters All torn up in my mind I wake again and try to pretend I can leave all this world made behind One day in a story I see you A day in a life … Continue reading

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The battleground

Whatever has happened It’s over When has there ever been peace in time You can seek anything with a body in space The vessel that carries your mind Listen to songs that will heal us As we fall in a … Continue reading

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Universe is you and me

Look at the puppeteer’s puppets Let me put words in your mouth I tell you what to say Cause you see even in this old world’s play Everyone and Everything from separate to one to work out Don’t ask me … Continue reading

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The State

Sure Let the state make your gravesite So you can stand next in a line Begging for bread some clothes and a bed A blanket and pillow disguise? Pretend that everyone’s equal when the government decides who is best What … Continue reading

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The past will continue repeating until it decides for itself a concrete abstract a definition of lack expansive yet a specific self the chapters we made in the beginning the story that accepts yourself that is what this is about … Continue reading

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In 50 years

  In 50 years You won’t need a cellphone It already is inside of you A chip that you left Disguised and bereft of anything you thought time could do One day you sit in a kitchen The next a … Continue reading

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