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Breathe in It will end as it started Don’t realize that you are already free Into this body you dive A computer with eyes that looks out And survives everything The next stage provides all the fiction That you have … Continue reading

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Donkey donkey

Is this where this whole thing is going? to let it all go in the end or leave it to your heirs but they really won’t care because nothing or none is left Here a loop appears to be happening … Continue reading

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Listen to the sacromonius people recoil as their irony subsides short sided as best and directionless just rhetoric made as the victimless cry Think of the vexations of people how in this world could it be an apple you bite … Continue reading

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knee bone

the knee bone’s connected to the leg bone the leg bone connected to my home bone but here in this rhyme inside space and time the song that I sing Is I’m free Everyone has a limit everyone here will … Continue reading

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forgive the world

how do I begin to remember what’s my part in the world I see ? how can I breathe like a puppet on strings while the people divide heal fuss and fight? what’s my part in this series written in … Continue reading

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I am

What I have is what I am not this stuff like cars and ham what appears outside divides numerically I drive the car the ham eats me the stuff you get inside a dream Is temporary because we are three … Continue reading

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Second fiddle

You don’t even need to tell me I was second fiddle to you We all sing a song Be it short be it long Until you become what you screw I swear I could not even see it Until it … Continue reading

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