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A book and all of it’s pages

Will you please stay with me a moment? All I ask is your hand Here just to linger and wonder And not even try to understand Beyond the mystery of moments When all was thrown in a bin And each … Continue reading

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A Song’s Rhyme

Who will hold me when I realize it’s gone? In the quantum world it divides and then falls And places and people who have been made Unify once again to accept What time gave A chance to review What is … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder Where did love go? What could I have done What should I have known A breeze that whistles and cries out your name The bells chime in time In a world gone insane Yesterday calls up and … Continue reading

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Learning Prayer

I am devoted to stand up and stay I am willing to share all your suffering and say you will no longer face all this alone a reflection of the divine we had known An affection that can not be … Continue reading

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The colorful assorted thorns of love

Nothing I can say Nothing I can do If you must leave then it’s up to you Nothing I can do Nothing I can say If we must part and go seperate ways I pray that you will find there … Continue reading

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In TodaY

I am going to change my world I am going to find a way I have been up and down Fell on the ground And the floor finally gave way I will pray for those that have hurt me I … Continue reading

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When it all begins to crumble when the madness comes to stay when it all collapsed and kicked my ass an opening found its’ way dissolved inside my sadness diminished all I’d lost the fabric ripped and there I kicked … Continue reading

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