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I felt the wind go right through me And only the beat of my heart The breeze warm and wet In the mist forests wept With yourself and every tear shed in time All are called to the supper No … Continue reading

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Forgive your own heaven or hell

So everyones’ Jesus and Judas? All of us covered the fall with a veil made of steel an impervious seal to keep the memory from recalling it All So everyones’ the beast and the buddah? So opposites might seem to … Continue reading

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The moon and the milky way

Somewhere before all of your tomorrows Someplace after all the payments and fines The court resumes your fake case As you fall on your face Including your purpose defined Each one of your brothers and sisters Each moment we struggle … Continue reading

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the America movie

God bless you Ms America I know your heart is blue I grew up in the sixties I might be just like you I tripped and fell into a rabbit hole That my eyes and ears would see I can’t … Continue reading

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The healing remains

Before there was ten toes and ten fingers Before there was two ears and two eyes Once upon time a story would find your heart and ultimately your mind A tale as long as forever A song so bold and … Continue reading

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the TV mirror

There is nothing wrong with your TV Just a mirror of me and of you Stand up and applaud Seek and find restores all To whatever permits forgiveness inside you Draw near to the end of a journey Mad careers … Continue reading

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Every Tear

The body is a limit But my vehicle in time Can be afraid and yet perceive an all-inclusive unlimited mind There is a method in its madness There is a song inside this place There is an ancient melody To … Continue reading

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