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Here it feels more like grey mortar To concretize what fear itself made What the hell did i do? To deserve ridicule because my world does not tick to your tastes Pretend it is all just a magnet to what … Continue reading

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Everyone will get home

To every person there is a season set into entry the systems’ owned cause you start to review all the things you been through what becomes everything and nothing at all You see the deceit and the standard that changes … Continue reading

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Can’t take my faith

Why would it be any different? it’s just now brought into sight the technology age where information displays the collective mind or our collective fright It all gets thrown in a blender filled with some venom and spite the judgement … Continue reading

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the Angels of truth

What if it ended tomorrow? How would you look at today? The future and past in between what don’t last What begins and ends anyway I thought I could tell you a story I tried to make up my own … Continue reading

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The shelf

Let it be what it is it won’t last forever Breathe it in and release all you knew The rabid attacks the attention or lack of whatever is gone now from view It all rolls up in a letter I … Continue reading

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Who sees fear as a symbol that consumes everything in it’s path? Pathetic and limp always goes down the sink with it’s shrieks and it’s frantic desires Where can you help not devoured that falls to the intentions of time? … Continue reading

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I felt the wind go right through me And only the beat of my heart The breeze warm and wet In the mist forests wept With yourself and every tear shed in time All are called to the supper No … Continue reading

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