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Life’s gym

One is sun Two is shoe Three is tree 4 is door 5 is hive 6 is styx 7 is heaven 8 is gate 9 is line 10 is zen The world gets crazier by the moment Don’t blink now … Continue reading

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In God’s heart

For whatever its worth I am sorry that i became such a fool A pathetic display of shame thrown away and somehow directed at you Whatever it seems that upsets us In spite of the world that i see I … Continue reading

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where stones grow

where is the victory you are trying to find in the world that you see at the same time you blame all that has came in time before a you or a me I guess it all makes it simple … Continue reading

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You wake up one morning it’s over all that you said and you done the fork in the road or the place you let go like each planet gets burned by the sun In time each one gets to know … Continue reading

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let it go

You can do anything to be happy endowing all that will come into light a productive device any day any night the only defense to sets you free the meek shall inherit what is left here because they don’t got … Continue reading

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the love/hate scarcity dream

You ain’t never gonna find peace that way child I know you are in a lifetime you share that is tired and old seen the same old shit since Adam and Eve fell down presented this quagmire and took the … Continue reading

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When I get there

When I get there… I’ll let you know how. It all starts from sweat and then turns to dust. The beauty and hate and all the world’s grace- has its’ place now. Upon the altar of safety that no money … Continue reading

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