I Hold out my hand

Time has already set
Each circumstance everyone and event
No one who walks in this world
Every body each boy and each girl

In your brother you see but yourself
With time sees that your health is your wealth
Done and gone mistakes learned from my past
Matters not who comes first who comes last
I found out you give what you receive
What i forgive in you
I forgive inside me

The convergance has already been set
Don’t disappear like my dollars or rent
Where will all of this go?
No body here
But God only knows

All happenings return you to thee
You are joyous and happy and free
In you i see a vision of light
Help me imagine joining and sharing your life

I hold out my hand because i love you
I’m so sorry for all my mistakes
Today i will see what i am giving to you
I am really just giving to me

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My parents came here from Brooklyn
Built a life and family from John Kennedy’s dream

Brought us to the door with a glimpse of the shores where echoes of eternity sing

With a genuine desire to hear you
Returning the silence and trust that dreamers’ will dream
Where once i could see all this world offers thee
A quiet joy that reminds me to celebrate life

Today i embark on a journey
Not afraid to transform
This limited life
All the damage we do
And tears we cry through
That everyone must trancend releived of the struggle and strife

Serene and aware are the paths of our learning
That rise above the laws sufficiently in time
An instant rehearsed spent long nights feeling cursed
The world stops celebrating death and feels the joy of life

I cast a net that sheds a light on a journey
Served it well inside each day and each night
All this i go through and so much closer to
I would enter now the presence of sight

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Kindness made you kind

I’m better off since i met you
Helped me see through the thick and the thin
Beyond sickness and death
Seperate worlds will attest
The gap between you and my mind

A kept the gift that you gave me
Of forgiveness and whatever will come
A vision perhaps of a world with no gap
and accepts we are joined beyond time

I seem to see in another
The pieces i don’t see in myself
And the planets will spin
Every thought every whim
Will finally realize we are certain and safe

Thank you for being my sister and brother
As time disappears before our eyes
We will meet in the gap between the first and the last
Where fear is gone love will return
Because kindness made you kind

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Lost and found

I wish I could ask you a question
Wrap my head around what’s real with a smile
Finally release the ironic defeat
I beleived in my head for a while

There are so many things that i waited to wonder
What will be in the wind as time flies
All the people i knew
And events i went through
My attempt or my prayer just my try

I know that you said there’s a reason
For each tick and tock that makes time
Every lifetime so fast
As each second will pass
within you the love lost is now found

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Open the door

Can we open the door that was locked here before?
that shines beyond light
And restores my sight
Despite differences heals
With common ground and shared tears
As we walk through the years
Find our way through times’ fears

Behold the lillies of magic
All happening here in your mind
Undimmed and untamed
wild and insane
What Love creates
Love will always remind

No one who walks here
Won’t get it
When revelation has come

Each gift you receive

You shared with each you and each me
It’s untaught and unlearned
And has already been done

I hope when it comes i am ready
to reflect what accuracy
Each likeness will shine
My brothers and sisters in time
Each step back from chaos to peace

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Everyone as Yourself

Is there a choice between peace and joy
or chaos and immiment disaster?
Everybody i know in this world seems to know
It don’t last but goes back
And that’s what we are here for

Learns with pleasure and pain convinced that my brain can function and use strength as my master

Protect and resist
It most certainly is this
Till acceptance -it’s just quicker and faster

Discovering me was a journey you see
There are people but they are really yourself
A mirror in time that effects and reminds
My teachers have established my wealth
A treasure each me the world seems to be
Love don’t conquer but it makes all things right
All done before because today is much more than a device to see everyone as yourself


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A process called peace

I know you didn’t mean it
The hurtful words that we say

I just wanted you to see
That for once i did something

That makes life easier
for someone else for a while

So i thought i would start a new lesson
Like the poems you told me to read

And after all we went through
I just wanted to tell You
That here in this moment
I’m fine

You were my greatest teacher
We all have a story to tell

I know you left me the framework

that points more to heaven than hell

The good and the bad

The happy and sad

All have there place here for a while

Life begins and it ends and in between what God mends

Reminds me that this all is worthwhile

I shut my eyes to remember

A day just like easter in spring

The flowers i breathe and the clouds just like cream
And we walk till we run then we’re free

You told me you’d
See me in heaven

We wake up and write a new dream

But this time we knew

That all that we do

Is all part of a process called peace

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