In TodaY

I am going to change my world

I am going to find a way

I have been up and down

Fell on the ground

And the floor finally gave way

I will pray for those that have hurt me

I will stand tall with a tear in my eye

I will learn all from this

even when treated like shit

Yes this world would make anyone cry

Once I heard in a story

In a play in a scene I recall

I will make it through this and return for your kiss

And all my joy one fine day I will find





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When it all begins to crumble

when the madness comes to stay

when it all collapsed and kicked my ass

an opening found its’ way

dissolved inside my sadness

diminished all I’d lost

the fabric ripped and there I kicked

my dependence washed away

the effects of liberation when loss appeared to take

I did not resist and accepted this

that surrender was the way

suffering is a wonderful teacher

it erodes all the fences I made

and there at last my broken glass

began to fade away

there is nothing I can tell you

I can only try to say

that Love at Last

has come to pass

and washed my tears away

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No matter

No matter what happens I love you

In time and in space it’s already done

all the stories you told

and the fences that broke

dry up like the rain from the sun

Remember the songs that we dance to

I held you and safe was our run

and whatever will pass in this world made of glass

remind me it all gets undone

all things can change I finally got sober

I’m not the same person I was

I looked up at the sky

and actually know why I love you no matter what comes

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every day I take the bus
review the world
of fate and Luck
save my prayers for that fine day
When all my cares about today
Vanish in a clear blue sky
Where no one here will wonder why
Nothing here could take your place
The love I thought had gone away
Was never here appeared for all
You never came or even called
I prayed inside the lonely nights
And looked through pain
Then filled with fright
Forgiveness took it all away
Now I await your call to stay

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till forever

If nothing can last till forever
Remind me that we both will find out
That there once was a song
That took all that went wrong
And forgave us for what its’ about
A song that sings to the mountains
The sea and blue open sky
With clouds as white as the snowflakes
That melt when they fall to the ground
Your eyes were as deep as the darkness
A heartbeat that broke and was sleighed
And at the top of it all I remembered to call
God save me from whatever we made
There must be someway out of this madness
If Love wins when will I find out
And wake up from this dream
Where nothing it seems
Will ever in time just work out
I pray to the world and its memory
Forgive me for all I have done
And remind God please that there once was a dream that remembered what Love is about

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Inside the Rain

Yes I have turned in gladness

and in this exchange return the sadness

in a world of pain and panicked thoughts

reclaim the soul that I had fought

to separate and questioned too

release myself from this worlds’ glue

we walk with hands that hold a face

with tears that fall and sorrow rains

and hear a song from long ago

that reminds me that in time I’ll know

that nothing here but love remains and with this thought

Inside the Rain

Shawn M (35 years sober) and Robby S

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My life school

When will I see you my friend?
Please forgive me for falling again
There is nothing that I can say or do
Please know I will always be part of you
Before I could sing or realize that dreams
Would throw me in jail my bipolar sails
Had stopped me from hope
My last flight with dope
A learning parade and still I will stay
And make things all right
Now give up my fight
To try or make change
In my broken brain
The damage is done and nothing is fun
But one day I will laugh
And remind me at last
That this was my school
And yes I’m the fool
But I will always love you
And all we’ve been through
Was for reason to be
We both will be free
And fine in ourselves
Released from this helL

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