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In TodaY

I am going to change my world I am going to find a way I have been up and down Fell on the ground And the floor finally gave way I will pray for those that have hurt me I … Continue reading

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Wherever the roads finally meet

I’m not really sure how it happens but it all will end with a kiss and a silent wind blows and no one left to know but a song will remain and a list of memories insane and beatific all … Continue reading

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There is a River

There is a river of fear under these distractions and tears something  of truth or anything worth holding on to this semblance of love is all that is left and it is enough to conquer even death There is a … Continue reading

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Whatever Happens Please Know I LOVE You

Whatever has happened Is already done my brief stand in time here under the Sun For good or for bad For reason or not I never pretended there was something I got That you couldn’t have or easily obtain With … Continue reading

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The World inside is just a dream

If the world inside is just a dream it means my heart seen everything tears were written in the stars light ray souls get so so far Innocence drowned out but don’t believe what you see this is the subconscious … Continue reading

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unwinding duality

If it feels like fear and is similar to exciting Adrenaline rushes in and turns electric into lightning the stages of the journey appear so bright and inviting into the levels of trust and the process of unwinding Lay me … Continue reading

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children of time

How do I go from here and turn backwards and correct was is already done a thousand mistakes and turns in the road where I wish it could all be undone In spite of the fabulous story and the dream we … Continue reading

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