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In love’s time

Your life will change in a second When it happens you know that is true And nothing’s the same this world seems unchanged Just without me And the world that i knew Remind me to laugh In this moment -Remind … Continue reading

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Let in the people

There must be more than a memory That wakes me up in the night And the movies begin Then all of the sins and ambitions and motives and lies It seems to be thrown at each other Like wine spills … Continue reading

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When love will last

What you gonna do when it comes through to you? Who you gonna ask when it comes down? Pray the Lord Prep right and best act like you smile all the time A series divines a soft road and falls … Continue reading

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You came for a reason And now we are here Let us sit in the silence Let time disappear Our cares and our worries If just for one day I lay in your hands And now i will pray Whatever … Continue reading

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I think I’ll sit out for a moment As the groundwork asserts its own pace Get up to speed fast Spin around or look back Tear down what i thought i could taste The truth can be found If you … Continue reading

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my imagining mind

You were my greatest teacher You were my deepest fall Left to pick up the pieces Here in the middle of happily after all Each page contained more than a lesson Each story refelected thoughts from a mind The hardest … Continue reading

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Love always wins hate

What am i doing and where do i go I looked up at the sky and asked do you know? How did i get here and what does it mean Beyond space and time There are so many things Inventions … Continue reading

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